Writing Recommendation Letter For Students: What You Need To Know

Writing Recommendation Letter For Students

The letter of recommendation is an integral part of your application, be it job or a foreign tertiary institution.

It not only boosts your credibility to the admission officials but highlights your potential as the most suitable candidate.

An LOR gives a comprehensive insight about you as an individual and your various capabilities and inclinations in your subject area as well as competence beyond academics.

It is imperative that your LOR projects you as the perfect fit based on relevant facts and an unbiased approach.

Here’s all you need to know about Letter of recommendation.

What points should my recommenders highlight on?

The content of the recommendation is mainly important.

It is as much essential to emphasize on what is to be written as how it is to be presented.

recommendation letter for studentsThe presentation of the letter also plays a vital role to make your recommender’s perception of you look genuine.

From a limited point of view, the matter must focus on your capabilities, academic achievements, fields of interests, leadership traits, emotional quotient, community service etc.

In terms of style, the write-up must be in simplistic manner and reader friendly using straightforward and reasonable expressions.

Don’t use only adjectives, or mere descriptions, instead validate your accomplishments by citing solid examples that the person as your mentor has observed.

Provide appropriate details pertaining to your achievements in the relevant domain, eg: internships, exchange programs, research work, participation and presentation in seminars etc.

It must throw light on your softer faculties namely communication skills, interpersonal skills, adaptability, team work, analytical abilities, enterprising outlook and contribution to the institution.

It is important that the tone does not reflect exaggeration or a biased perception but grounded on fair judgement and assessment based on observation.

Tip: Your recommender must know you well to be confident to write about you, and also, he must be well-versed with the program or job you are applying for to judge your eligibility and efficiency for it.

The LOR must convey an honest and sincere observation and perception of your personal and professional attributes in relevance to your application.

What brief would I provide my recommenders with?

You may feel that your mentor knows you well enough to provide their feedback in the LOR, however, on your part it is necessary to furnish them with talking points so that they can tailor their response to the need of the program.

Remember, besides all criteria, the main attention for selecting you as a prospective student will depend on how fit you are for the program.

Once you understand and glean information about the course details, draft a template to share with your recommender for your LOR.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how readily they’ll welcome your initiative.

Here are the essential points that you must provide:

  • How long they know you and in what context are they familiar with you?
  • How do they evaluate your skills, achievements, strengths and personality?

They must provide examples for every point on which they are assessing you.

They must co-relate your key accomplishments with the program requirements to underscore your eligibility for it.

A brief specifying why they think you are a perfect fit for the program.

Tip: Give your recommenders plenty of time. Start working with recommenders 6-8 weeks before the submission deadline, so you have enough time to put together preparation materials, meet with them to request the recommendation and share these materials, and to respond to any questions that they may have.

Who will upload the LOR?

Your LOR must be submitted by your recommender.

So make sure you explain the submission process to them.

Show them how to upload the recommendation, and ensure that they submit it directly.

Many schools have backend technology which gives them insight into where the LOR is being uploaded from, so they can tell if it’s being uploaded from the same IP address as your application.

Your LOR must provide a holistic view of your profile as well as uphold you as a deserving candidate for the program/job so that the committee in the college or institution gets insight into your capabilities and efficiency.

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