What is Facebook Code Generator And How Does it Work?

What is Facebook Code Generator?

Every Facebook user needs a Facebook code generator to secure their account – Here’s Why!

There are over two billion monthly active users on Facebook with different names, profile pictures and contact details.

Each year, thousands of users are losing accounts day by day due to security threats. This is a serious issue and something needs to be done correctly to solve this mystery.

Recently, I’ve been encountering serious problems when I try to login.

I get a message from FB telling me to confirm my identity as it keeps repeating the same warning over and over again.

what is facebook code generatorThought it was some kind of a joke or maybe a hacker who’s just using dubious way to gain access to my profile.

Skipping it won’t work either, same alert still pop ups, that is kind of annoying.

I decided to contact Facebook for answers, and after several attempts, a private email was sent from the Facebook team asking me if I had logged in with a different username and password.

I clicked on “NO” to confirm that was a wrong identity.

The options to verify my own account are in 2 ways:

  • To receive a code using my phone number to confirm
  • Or identify some friends

If you are lucky, sometimes they may ask you to recover your account using both or limit you to one.

It actually depends on the situation if it is critical.

Unfortunately for me, the old contact number I used to create the account was lost and so I tried the second option.

After selecting, it automatically directs to a page displaying sets of profile pictures with their names.

The faces were quite familiar so it was easy for me to identify all of them.

Luckily, I got access to the login page again, it did work after all.

I received a security alert in my mailbox giving me specific steps to protect my account via two-step verification procedure using the code generator.

What Is a Facebook Code Generator?

First, when the code generator activates, any attempt to log into Facebook from an unknown device which is not in use will require the entry of a six-digit code.

To set up the authorization, you need an authenticator.

This ensures that anyone who manages to guess or otherwise obtain your credentials cannot log in unless they have your phone.

This can prevent unauthorized use of your account as long as you keep your mobile device safe.

Of course, it’s not a replacement for choosing a good, strong password and making sure that you don’t tell it to anyone deliberately.

But it can make unauthorized access harder when used properly.

Facebook Code Generator: How Does It Work?

Code Generator is a security feature for your Facebook app which employs a two-factor authentication.

When you switch it on, your phone will generate a special security code to verify it’s really you logging in from a new device or browser.

Code generator works on your mobile device even if you don’t have the text messaging (SMS) or an internet connection.

It is also possible to use if you ever need to reset passwords.

Tip: Code Generator security codes used for authentication are always six digits long and expire after 30 or 60 seconds depending on the mobile device you’re using.

Using the authenticator app for two-factor authentication on Facebook: How to set up the code generator

You can only add a third-party authentication app.

If you already have access to your Facebook account but still can’t login, try recovering it here.

When you turn on two-factor authenticator, you’re asked to choose either text message (SMS) codes or a third-party authentication app as your primary security method.

A third-party authentication app such as Google Authenticator can be used to generate login codes that helps to confirm it is yours when logged in from a new device for the first time.

To use a third-party app for login codes, it is best to install it on the phone you normally use to access Facebook.

Follow these simple steps to set up the Facebook code generator:

  • Login to Facebook with your credentials, username or email and then password.
  • Now, click on the drop down arrow located at the top right corner of the menu, and select settings.

facebook code generator - settings

  • On the left navigation, tap on Security and Login.

facebook code generator - security and login

  • Under two-factor authentication, click on “use two factor authentication”. They will ask for a security code if they notice a login from an usual device.

facebook 2-factor authentication

  • Choose your security method. Select the method you want to use for authentication. Anytime you login from a phone or computer, the system will ask for your password and login code. Click Next.

facebook security method

  • Set up a third-party authenticator.
  • Use Duo or Google authenticator to scan QR code or enter the long code shown on your screen into the app.

facebook confirmation code

  • Enter the confirmation code you see on your app and click next.

facebook confirmation code

That’s it!, this is how you set up your Facebook code generator.

Each time you login, use the pin code from your phone to confirm.

You will need to set up a backup so that you can login if your chosen security method isn’t available.

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