The 7 Powerful Content Marketing Strategies You Never Knew (Infographic)

Content Marketing Strategies For Online Marketers (Infographic)

Content marketing is a powerful strategy you can use to get quality leads for your online business.

content marketing strategies for online marketers (infographic)According to marketo, 93% of b2b companies says content marketing generates more leads than traditional marketing strategies.

This is why 85% of b2b marketers are saying lead generation is their most important content marketing goal.

In this post, we will talk about content marketing strategy.

As a quick starting point, here’s what I think you need to figure out before you start creating content:

  • What’s your brand about and what kind of message are you trying to send?. You have to live with it everyday and you want it to be about something authentic to you and your team.
  • Who’s your audience?, What’s the language/tone they use?, How can you provide value or entertain them?.
  • Key metrics and expectations + team alignment. Do you know what’s your goal?, You are cool with how you’ll measure it?, Is your team, boss or anyone aligned with the plan?. Personally, I love both the conversions and engagement.

Creating Content

It comes down to two goals. Am I educating or entertaining?. When I know what’s the goal of the content it is way easier to decide on the format, language, length, distribution plan etc.

Before the very creation, it is critical to understand the intent. Not just for SEO, but for, let’s say, content UX. If people are looking for something similar, I want to get to know the questions they have, because the goal is to answer them. Content structure, key priorities and what I want to eliminate is much clearer then.

Pillar Content Piece 

If we’re talking about podcast episode, a bigger video or an in-depth piece of content, I usually start by having rich content that addresses the main issues. If I’m a podcast owner, then a longer episode on target topics. After I have the pillar content, I can break it down into micro-content pieces (social media posts, short videos, newsletter etc).

Which brings me to distribution.

Distributing Content

Creating great content is not easy. Getting people to consume it is extremely hard.

That’s why you want to have a process in place to do it right.

From transforming your big content into smaller pieces of content units, like answering Quora questions on a topic or republishing it on medium.


Newsletters and influencer outreach. In fact, I’ve documented the entire process. This will help:

  • Start getting conversions from your Blog
  • Boost organic traffic and start your SEO marathon in the right way
  • Get more attention on your Social Media (personal + company)

The infographic below shows you 7 content marketing strategies for your online business.

content marketing strategies for online business

Just copy the code below and feel free to embed it into your page.

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