How to Search For Blogspot Blogs In 3 Easy Steps

How to search for blogspot blogs anywhere around the web.

Do you want to know how to search for blogspot blogs?.

Searching for a specific niche blog you are looking in over 2 billion websites on the internet is not just a coincidence.

We all want blogs with many followers so that we can link our posts to them.

search for blogspot blogsCreating backlinks is really hard, and due to this, most bloggers prefer the easy way by using “blog commenting” just to drive traffic back to their sites.

Many bloggers out there are looking for blogspot niche blogs to link back to their homepages.

I was also in the exact same situation searching online for blogspot blogs.

Today, I will show you how to find popular niche blogs that is having some engagement.

Here’s what I did to get the list of these popular niche blogs.

  1. Go to searchblogspot or tehrir.
  2. Type the “Niche” of that blog into the search bar and you will see a lists of many blogspot blogs displayed. Sometimes, most blogspot blogs don’t allow commenting so to know which blog allows that, then type; Comment + Niche in the search bar. This will only show blogs which allows commenting [blogs that has more engagement].
  3. To find popular blogs, type “popular + niche”.

In some cases, not all niches are available so you can try blogsearchengine to find more.

Note: Not all blogspot blogs allow users to comment multiple links, you are allowed to publish only one link.

Do not spam sites with your links, google will penalize you for that, try to avoid it.

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