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Posting a Job On Linkedin: 13 Easy Steps

Posting a Job On Linkedin

In the past, job advertising was free, you don’t have to pay anything.

All you had to do is to print the ad scripts on sheets of papers boldly and paste them on the walls in the street corners.

People also print on pieces of post cards or flyers and then share it to anyone.

This was the old style of advertising jobs but now it’s no more.

posting a job on linkedin We’re living in a computer age, and things have changed over the years in the world of advertising and recruiting.

Even today, companies, recruiters and employers can post jobs on newspapers, radio stations, T.V and billboards.

Technology keeps advancing and all we see is new things popping up in a twinkle of an eye.

Currently in our world today, posting a job online is much easier than you think.

Thanks to the internet, with a single click, your job is published to a large number of people who can see your opportunity.

posting a job on linkedIn - hire quality candidates

There are many advertising firms such as facebook with over 2 billion monthly users, and that’s really huge, there’s a lot of potential in here and people are likely to see your job postings everywhere.

So what about linkedin?.

This is also a social platform seen as the world’s best business network, it’s considered as one of the top major hub for recruiting potential prospects, clients and job seekers.

The website offers recruiters the opportunity to look for job seekers who meet the requirements, and can successfully perform the tasks necessary for the job.

Posting a job on linkedIn has made recruitment fairly easy and time-saving.

This post will explain the step-by-step guide on how to upload a job based on location, skills, expertise and much more.

And also, some few important things to know before you start posting your jobs.

The world of recruiting is changing now, the focus rest on social networking sites and smaller specialized job boards, and linkedIn is fast becoming the preferred recruitment channel for brands.

In this article, I will take you
through the process of posting a job requirement on LinkedIn.

Follow These Steps:

  1. First, go to linkedin.com and log in using your “email id” and password.
  2. Click on jobs, at the top of your homepage, click the post and job button on the right.
  3. If this is your first time posting a job, Click “post job again”, go ahead and complete the fields on the job posting page.
  4. Think of your job description as an advertisement, the position you’re posting, make sure that it is appealing, accurate and detailed enough to interest the most qualified candidates.
  5. You can also link to your company page by choosing your company name from the drop down list.
  6. If your company is not popular, you might have to describe it in detail.
  7. Use a standard title for the position to help qualified candidates find your posting.
  8. During your job searches, you have the maximum impact.
  9. You’ll have to be special when describing roles and responsibilities.
  10. Describe your company in the “company description field” and not in the job description field.
  11. Make sure you include key skills in the desired skills and expertise team.
  12. Provide as many details as possible once the job types and location fields are filled. See examples; link to use samples and review similar job descriptions for additional ideas at the bottom of the form.
  13. Enter the jobs location to determine pricing and click continue.

You can also purchase a 30-day premium package from the main jobs page.

On the “showcase your job page”, you can have your job sponsored by checking the box which is optional.

Clicking on continue will take you to the payment page.


— Posting a Job on linkedIn: Is it Free?

The answer is simply No!.

You have to pay like any other service.

You can reserve a budget for the job so you don’t overspend what you want to and you can also test to see how many likely candidates there are on linkedIn to be interested in your posting.

I think you can also look at indeed. I was hiring for “writers” so I found out this was a better place to post jobs.

It really depends on what you are posting. They recommend a budget on both but do what you are comfortable with.

You get data analytics too on how it is performing.

However, traditionally, employers pay for a premium account, which carries with it a number of active job postings based upon the type of premium account in use for the organization.