What’s The Best Page Builder For WordPress?

Looking For The Best Page Builder For WordPress?

Page builders are excellent shortcode programs that takes typical code blocks, we simplify them for ease of use, and quick placement.

Assume you don’t have coding skills, there’s no need to dig in the soil of code lines with much hassle.

If you’re running a small online store with many changes to make for every promotion, offer, and special campaigns, there are a few good page builders to help you craft a beautiful store, landing page or websites.

What’s the Best Page Builder for WordPress?

page builder for wordpressThat’s something you can’t just answer right away, however this solely depends on the users experience, the number of times that person has used the product will tell if it’s really good or not then we can finally draw a conclusion here.

Here’s a list of the most well-known page builders for wordpress:

So which of these best suits your needs?

We’re going to break them down and highlight on certain key things.

The first one you should probably consider is DIVI.

Why Divi?

I find that the Divi is a strong page builder, but it has it’s advantages and downsides too.

Let’s look at the Pros & Cons


Divi has been updating elegant themes on a regular basis and its now a separate builder plugin, listening to their users views has helped them made some advancements.

The visual builder part of it is very easy to understand and a lot of flexible layouts can be created.

The builder elements are created through the visualizer, translated on the fly into shortcodes in the background, it looks great even in mobile formats.

There are lots of modules to expand on the functionality, and with their advanced formatting tab, you can trick out a lot of the features of each module.

Divi also comes preloaded with a large template library to help you get started.


Some of the builder elements can only be customized globally.

To customize some elements on the page it will still require modifying the css, which is frustrating.

The header can only be modified and there isn’t as much flexibility.

You’re limited to a sub-set of Google fonts as opposed to the entire Google font library.

I love using Divi Builder for its speed and ease of use, but its flexibility does limit what you can do with it.

Themes Compatible With Divi Builder:


Divi has a great support community ready to answer questions and make your site look great.

If you’re going for speed alone, you’ll probably be more satisfied with the Divi experience.

Visual Composer

Visual composer website builder is a drag and drop editor that gives you powerful tools and assets to create a professional website.

It offers 250+ templates, elements, add-ons comes with a theme builder and extensive design options.


  • No coding skills required
  • Instant content update
  • Works with any wordpress theme

It’s plugin allows you to make beautiful websites from header to footer.

You can create custom page layouts in a code-free way. Make unique header, footer and sidebar templates to use them throughout your entire website with the help of global templates.

In addition, there’s a dynamic content feature that permits you to design templates with dynamic content placeholders.

Visual Composer makes sure that your site is mobile friendly.

You can adjust the looks, width, and behavior of your site for every device: mobile, tablet, and desktop.

It is compatible with other popular plugins. This means that you can insert them and more plugins directly from the front-end editor.

Themes you can use with Visual Composer:

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Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a flexible drag and drop page builder that works on the front end of your wordpress site.

If you’re a beginner or a professional, you’re going to love taking control of your website.

Stop writing HTML or wrestling with confusing short codes. With Beaver Builder, building beautiful, professional wordpress pages is as easy as dragging and dropping.

Use beaver themer to customize every part of your site – Try it Today!

Beaver Builder:

  • Works with any theme
  • It is 100% mobile friendly
  • Is optimized for better speed and Performance
  • Really good for building responsive landing pages
  • It also supports generatepress

Get full access to a complete beaver package here

Themify Builder


Themify has a great advantage over Divi and the Elegant Themes builder.

You can work on the front-end of the site without having to go into the editor.

Once active, you can modify any selectable module and edit right then and there.

It really helps when you’re trying to modify a site and see changes quickly.

The editor works in a similar function to Elegant Themes, but you can trick out a whole lot more.

Using one of the themify themes allows you to really customize padding and margins of each section separately a lot more easily than with the Elegant Themes builder.

Further, if using a themify theme, the customizer is much more robust than Elegant Themes.

There are some nice unique add-ons, like Maps Pro, Countdown, the Timeline (one of my favorites!), and the A/B image.

The header options are also much more flexible than Divi.

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The library of templates that comes out of the box is sometimes a little unwieldy to deal with.

As themify started churning out newer themes, all built on its builder, it was difficult to see the real difference between the themes since they all can be pretty much customized to look like one another.

You sometimes get unexpected results when trying to customize.

However, with enough patience, you can really make something that looks unique and fully customized.

Get your themify builder now and start creating a beautiful website.

If you want more flexibility in creativity, give it a try you’ll never be disappointed.

So which of these page builders would you go for?

Well, it’s really hard to tell, but I can say that all of them are good builders, just give it a try!.

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