8 Skilled Labor Gigs On Craigslist You Can Find at Fiverr

Skilled Labor Gigs On Craigslist

The internet gives us the power to access the world’s information in one single click, to leverage incredibly powerful tools located across the world, and to collaborate as teams distributed remotely.

We can create things that would previously have been impossible for a single person, and we can communicate our ideas with millions of people at a time.

We are only just tapping into the full potential that all this offers even as newer tools and innovations expand the possibilities even further.

The gig economy has emerged as a natural outcome of this change.

With more freedom to work when and how we choose, more of us are now choosing to forego conventional 9-5 jobs and to start deciding for ourselves how we want to shape our careers.

  • Why spend hours every week commuting into an office, only to be given a fraction of the value you have provided to the client or customer?.
  • Why feel forced to choose just one career, or to let someone else decide on your working hours and wages?
  • Why work on projects you have no interest in?

By offering services on a “per gig” basis, we free ourselves to select the kind of work that best serves our goals.

We can use this to accelerate our careers and create a star-studded portfolio, or we can use it to design a lifestyle that lets us spend more time doing the things we love.

By doing this, we become pioneers of a brave new world.

If you are a tech professional, then you are uniquely equipped to do this, and to enjoy all the benefits that the lifestyle has to offer.

That said, anyone with a little entrepreneurial spirit and familiarity with digital tools will be able to make the gig economy work for them.

Programmers, security specialists, web designers, video editors, internet marketers, writers, editors, photographers, musicians, coaches.. etc. All these professions are starting to find new ways of working online.

The Gig Economy: An Opportunity For Tech Professionals and Entrepreneurs

If knowledge is power, then you have at your disposal the most powerful tool in the history of mankind.

I have heard many writers express “discontent” on the fact that technology has not impacted the world in the ways depicted in so many science fiction films.

There are no flying cars and very few silver jump suits.

And yet, in my view, the many ways that technology has actually changed the world are actually even more interesting.

For example, the internet has changed how we communicate with one another, how we entertain ourselves and how we work.

Nobody could have predicted it.

Today, more and more people are working online, and more and more businesses are working remotely.

There are more opportunities than ever before for professionals, especially within the technology industry—to further their careers and work how, when, and where they want.

The world is just catching up to these new possibilities, but it is safe to say that they are going to fundamentally change our way of life.

In fact, they already can.

And if you act fast, you can get a foothold in an emerging marketing and gain a significant advantage over the competition.

This is your chance to become a pioneer. To work in a manner that wasn’t possible even just a few years ago.

To design the lifestyle that you want, to create opportunities that you never imagined, and to earn a solid and stable income in the process; all thanks to the transformative power of technology.

By working “gigs” online, you can earn a little side income, or you can completely change your lifestyle and remove the shackles of 9-to-5 office work.

You can join the many “digital nomads” who travel the world while working online, or you can elevate your own rising star and design your dream job.

The Gig Economy

The “gig economy” is used to describe the manner of working just introduced.

It refers to the abundance of short-term work and contracts.

This is driven by companies that hire staff for individual projects and pay them on a per-job or hourly basis, rather than offering them a full-term employment contract.

This often applies to food delivery, taxi services, and even skilled labor such as programming and engineering.

Unfortunately, this type of agreement often benefits those companies far more than it benefits the freelancers that work with them.

In short, those taxi and food delivery gigs come with all the disadvantages of working for a single organization and all the disadvantages of being self-employed.

labor gigs on craigslistThus, the term “gig economy” often comes with negative connotations as a result; similar to “zero-hour contracts.”

But the gig economy can also refer to the trend of taking on online gigs.

In this context, it refers to freelancers who advertise their skills on sites like appjobs, upwork, PeoplePerHour, and fiverr (indeed, jobs advertised on fiverr are referred to as “gigs” by the company’s own

The individual will be paid per job or per fixed, short-term contract.

In this post, I’ll be giving the best labor gigs on craigslist, and you can also find them at appjobs.

Here are a few skilled labor gigs you might be interested in:

  • Programming
  • IT
  • Web Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Internet Marketing/SEO
  • Writing
  • Video Editing
  • VAS

1. Programming

Programming is perhaps the best skill you can sell online.

It is particularly skill-based and it’s something that’s in high demand.

Countless businesses are looking for programmers to develop apps, to work on in-house software, and to manage their websites.

All types of coders are in demand online, though some languages are in greater demand than others, of course.

Python is often up there as one of the most sought-after languages, as is Java.

Knowing C and C++ is great for game development, while using C# and having a familiarity with unity or unreal will also help in this regard.

Likewise, specific skills pertaining to android development or iOS can also be beneficial.

The holy grail is the “full-stack developer.”

This is someone that can handle everything necessary to build a fully functioning, interactive website or web app with a back end, user profiles, and other features.

In other words, you’ll need HTML and CSS for web design, along with something like PHP for the back end, MySQL, and so forth.

Programming courses:

2. IT (Information Technology)

This is a much broader term, but any kind of IT skill can be sold online or on a freelance basis.

Tech support is something that can be offered remotely thanks to remote desktop viewer tools like splashtop remote and teamviewer.

And often just talking someone through the problem over the phone is more than enough.

Better yet is once again to specialize in one of the currently “hot” trending areas.

IT security is huge right now thanks to numerous high-profile data breaches, and if you can offer to secure a company’s network or website, you’ll have no difficulty getting work.

Many of these services will ultimately be consultant roles.

Though if you’re looking for slightly meatier contracts, you could also find yourself in the
position of a project manager overseeing the implementation of a new piece of software or new security policies.

IT Courses:

3. Web Design

Web design is a concept.

The best web designers should be familiar with popular CMSs (content management systems) like wordpress, but should also have the necessary HTML, CSS, and PHP skills (and more) in order to tackle more ambitious projects.

You’ll also need to be able to create professional-looking designs, which will mean learning software such as Adobe Illustrator and photoshop.

If you don’t know a raster file from a vector file, then you have some learning to do—a lot of people mistakenly think they have all the necessary web development skills without fully understanding the market.

That said, you can always break this down and be more focused.

If you are able to use wordpress and know how to buy a domain and set up a new hosting account with maybe bluehost, kinsta or cloudways, then you might offer “simple” web design this way (or even use something like squarespace if you don’t have coding skills).

Likewise, you could just offer logo design.

And if you only have half the skills you need to design a website, you could always outsource the bits you can’t do or find a partner who will handle that aspect.


4. 3D Modeling

3D modeling is a very valuable skill that often goes overlooked.

This is a specialist skill that’s in demand, and if you can do it, you’ll be able to offer everything from 3D logo designs and video openers, to prototyping through 3D printing and creating models for computer games.

5. Internet Marketing/SEO

Internet marketing and SEO are still big business, although the game has changed a lot since the early days.

Again, you can get as broad or as granular as you like here: you could offer SEO specifically, social media marketing, or instagram marketing.

You could use your social media skills to become an “online agent for athletes.” OR you could offer an entire internet marketing service.

This could be starting with a “marketing strategy” consultation, resulting in a tailor made package with content writing, link building, and more.

ITM/SEO Courses:


6. Writing

Writing is a “tech job” in as much as it is actually a form of internet marketing, specifically referred to as “content marketing.”

If you want to be an online copywriter, then you’re largely going to be working for companies that need that content to boost their discoverability on google.

In other words, you need to know the basics of SEO and how to get the client to the top of the SERPs (meaning Search Engine Results Pages).

This is writing but with a dose
of “tech understanding” for good measure.

Writing Courses:

7. Video Editing

Video editing is a skill that is in increasing demand thanks to the popularity of video marketing, youtube, and online courses.

If you are familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro, VEGAS Pro, or Apple Final Cut Pro, then you’ll find there are lots of gigs out there for you.

8. VAS

A VAS is a virtual assistant service.

This is basically an outfit that will complete all the jobs that a company or individual doesn’t have time for, whether that’s collecting contacts or performing outreach (contacting blogs or clients to work with in the future).

Essentially, any non-skilled job that doesn’t require you to be physically present can be performed by you as a VAS.

Very often we imagine VAS companies as being based in India and speaking broken English.

However, that is not always the case, and there’s nothing stopping you from fulfilling these services in a more “premium” fashion for busy executives and small startups.

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