Easy Way To Install Sumo Code In Blogger

What is the genuine way to install sumo code in blogger?

So you want to add the sumo code into your blogger blog.

Well in this article, I will show you an easy way to Install the sumo code into your blogger blog or blogspot site, it doesn’t matter if it’s a subdomain or custom domain name, this method still works until now, and it’s so simple and very easy to do.

Just grab your laptop or sit behind your PC, and let’s have some fun here.

The first thing you need to do is to go to sumo.com and create your account with a valid email address (for verification purposes).

Secondly, you must own a custom domain or subdomain name that works well. Sumo code won’t work without a domain name, this is very important.

Ok let’s begin!

1. First, enter your site’s url which is the domain name you bought from your webhosting provider, a valid email address, and a new password, then click on the sign-up button to create a fresh sumo account.


We are done with the first part, and that is creating a verified sumo account. Now, we are going to install the code into our site or blog.

2. Copy the code as shown on your screen and paste into the </body> tag of your html.


You can also click on one of the services to see installation instructions if you are still not sure.

3. Go to blogger.com, click on sign-in, enter your email and password then hit sign-in to log into the main dashboard, please ensure that you have the proper blog selected from.

Blogger Blogspot Dashboard

4. Check the left side of the window, and click on the Theme tab.

5. Click on Edit HTML.


6. On your laptop or computer keyboard, press and hold Ctrl key + F, you will see a search bar pop-up at the right top corner, look for the opening body tag in the html code with (<), then paste the code below the opening <body> tag. Be sure to click save theme.


7. To begin configuring sumo, just navigate to [ sumo sites ], and then click on the “manage button” next to your site.


One more last thing, we need to check if the code is working.

Head to the configuration section here and click on “manage”, choose any widget you want use for your site, select the share icons and activate.

Go back to your blogger dashboard, click on view blog and refresh the page, once you see share icons or the list builder pop-up, this indicates that sumo code is working properly.

That’s it!, you’ve installed the sumo code into your blog.

Hope this article helped you, please kindly share.

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