How to: Install Blogger Template (The Right Way)

How to Install Blogger Template into Blogspot

Sick and tired of your old ugly looking blogger blog?.

Say you have a huge number of visitors coming to read articles on the page and they got bumped into a strange horrifying site that’s really hard to figure out.

If you had a site looking like the picture below, then get ready for higher bounce rates!.

And you know what this means?.

Higher bounce rates deranks your site in search engines, it could also affect your SEO score badly along the line.

What could possibly lead to these?.

It’s very simple!

Not using the right template for your blogger blog or maybe your wordpress blog. To escape from this kind of trouble, try using these templates for you blogger blog.

They are SEO optimized, responsive and have beautiful fonts to make your site look awesome.

Tip: Install google blogger template in 8 simple steps

First, I will show you how to insert an HTML blogger template into your blogspot blog, no coding or programming skills required.

Follow These Steps Carefully;

1. Go to Blogger

google blogger sign in

2. On the site, click sign-in at the top right corner.

3. Login with your credentials (email and password), please make sure the email you entered is valid (already in google servers).


4. On your blogger dashboard, scroll down, find “template” and click on it.

install blogger template into blogspot

5. At the right top corner, hit the backup or restore button.


6. Don’t forget to download or backup your template first.

7. Just below it, click on upload to search for your desired template

8. Hit Ok. That’s all!

Finally, this is how you insert a blogger template. Want more themes?, try gooyaabi templates, they have a wide range of beautiful and colorful themes.

Note: Do not change or alter the HTML coding after installation, tampering with any line of code might result in breaking your site anyways.

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