increase blog post engagement

Increase Blog Post Engagement In 6 Ways – Here’s How

Increase blog post engagement In 6 Ways

You have a fan page with plenty likes, you publish 3 times a day and nobody sees it.

You keep thinking, what is going on, why your post isn’t always visible or showing up in search engines?.

I felt exactly the same manner as you, every marketer has that sort of experience, building a fan page without paid advertising seems tough in particular if you have no idea what’s trending.

As I speak to you, One of my FB fan pages has over 14.5k likes, I grew this page organically all by myself, I did not purchase any likes neither did I paid for ads additionally.

Increase blog post engagement – How to do it correctly


So how do you increase blog post engagement?

Let me use my facebook page as a typical example.

This fan page is all about “news and entertainment to be precise. Ever since I began, I have studied the trends that goes viral, it is very simple and easy thing to do, if you do not comply with what I tell you, then growing your very own fanpage is going to be a bit difficult.

Today in this article, I’m sharing a number of strategies and hints I used to grew my fanpage to 13.4k likes.

Here are some of the useful strategies;

1. Post high catchy headlines

This is one of the things I do to boost engagement, it really works flawlessly well with motion pictures too.

Your headlines have to be emotional and intriguing, something that could build some sort of interest and attraction.

When delivering content material, I pick viral videos. It brings in plenty of engagement to your videos and vintage posts. It is stated that, videos are a lot more effective and they convey so much info about your brand.

2. Add high quality images

Share fine looking photos for your walls: people are usually attracted to something stunning so layout your snapshots using this nice tool, I tremendously suggest canva for you. It has the tools you need for creating nice photos with illustrations, graphics, icons, and logos.

In case you need some nice pics, try pixabay, you may find a few good ones there. Posting photo illustrations gives a very good description on what you’re talking about.

3. Following top influencers on social media

I follow top celebrities and popular stars with a huge fan base.

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Why Follow Celebrities?.

These guys have a large audience and they keep posting updates about themselves and what they may be up to, that is an opportunity for you to have a look at trends such as their interest, social circles, fun, humor and lifestyle.

Why do their posts goes so viral?.

Celebs put up some thing great about what goes on in their ordinary lives, they keep sharing fun pix and humor, they ask critical questions about life, these little few things wins the hearts of many fans attracting lots of likes and comments within a day.

4. Including hashtags

Along with hashtags within posts is an excellent way to increase engagement. The purpose for that is to assist more people get the latest trends and current updates, it enables your lovers search for a specific post.

Talking of hashtags, celebs, businesses, popular stars, and other top influencers are using it lots of times to grow and build their brands, it can also be used to help clients find a product they are looking for.

let’s say you saw “Lionel Messi’s” video published on his twitter wall showing a few sensational goals, it attracted 15k likes, quickly you take a look at the keywords he’s using in the post, in case you are on twitter hit the search bar and sort the key phrases, you may see from below the number of tweets appearing.


Pick out the keyword with the very best number of tweets and use them for your very own posts. That way, if someone is searching for Lionel Messi’s goals he or she will see your posts too.

This is one of the remarkable approaches to fetch audience for your page. Setting keywords with hashtags helps drive in lots of fans but always remember that there is competition going on so you got to be smarter than your competitor.

Follow the same method for Instagram, this works fantastic!.

Another appropriate way is talking to celebrities in personal, if they can share your post on their timelines, that could help increase engagement for your fanpage as well.

5. Sharing in FB groups

If your page is about cooking, food, dishes, entertainment, sports, etc.., search for the communities on facebook and join them, after getting approved, read the rules and regulations of the community before you publish, and constantly share a content material that is centered within their area of interest or some thing that is associated with the topic they’re discussing.

Continually keep sharing your post in FB groups, forums and discussion boards, the more shares you get, the greater chances your blog posts are likely to get listed in search engines like google and yahoo.

6. Tagging or Mentioning

This option can only be very beneficial whilst your content material is getting likes and comments.

In case your post goes viral and trendy, these activities sends notifications to your fans telling them you’ve got something interesting to show them.

Whiles they keep viewing and building interaction with the post, tag or mention influencers to send another signal to their target audience (your post ought to have at least 1 or 2 tags). That way, your fanpage becomes more enticing and popular spreading throughout.

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