How To Improve Core Web Vitals For Mobile and Desktop

How To Improve Core Web Vitals For Your WordPress Blog

Google says core web vitals are now a ranking factor.

Google announced a new core update in May 2021, and it is yet to be rolled out very soon according to a source cited from neilpatel digital.

I just checked my site for any errors that needs fixing before the update starts.

Initially, core web vitals were not a ranking factor in the previous years but what happened?.

According to google, most sites are having issues with user experience, and that is affecting site speed and performance, this is true in most cases.

how to improve core web vitals for desktop – core web vitals for wordpressStatistically, time people spend on blogs or websites averagely falls between 1 minute to 2 minutes, depending on many factors.

So does this mean page speed experience will now become part of SEO?.

Well that might be the case.

As mentioned previously, core web vitals was not an SEO factor, it falls into a different perspective but now google’s algorithm is making this a part of SEO. Bear in mind that core web vitals focuses mainly on page speed and user experience.

So this will somehow boost your rankings but it doesn’t mean your site will automatically show up in page one of google.

Will the new google core update have an impact on most sites?.

Yes, already, lots of blogs and websites are loosing rankings, when google tried to test the update in 22nd May 2021, if you are just starting a new blog or about to launch your site then there’s no fear.

This article will give all the necessary guidelines to help you boost your core web vitals.

Now lets go straight to the point.

Today’s topic for discussion will be on core web vitals and how to improve your page speed.

But before we begin, let us talk about core web vitals first, and why it is important.

What Are Core Web Vitals?

Core web vitals are google updates for improved site speed and better user experience.

They are important because it enhances the user experience by evaluating website page speed and website responsiveness.

There are three core web vitals needed for optimum page speed and performance:

  • Largest Contentful paint (LCP)
  • First Input Delay (FID)
  • Cumulative Layout Shift

Largest Contentful Paint(LCP)

It is a page-load metric used to identify page load speed for better user experience by calculating the loading speed of the largest contentful paint or element on a website’s page.

First Input Delay(FID)

This is calculated based on user interaction with the website for the first time, i.e. the first time a user clicks on a website’s element such as a button or link to view and how much time the browser takes to respond to the user move.

Cumulative Layout Shift

It refers to the shifting of the elements of a website after loading, estimating the cumulative time all the shifting elements took within 500ms of the user interaction with the website.

Once you pass all the assessments, your site will be given thumbs up.

Check your core web vitals if you already own a blog.

Tips To Improve Core Web Vitals

A website has common errors and development issues that needs to be checked and updated consistently to meet the core web vitals assessment.

So let us look at some of the best recommendations for improving website speed.

Note: Tools listed in this article, are products I have tried and used personally before, you can check our FTC disclosure for more details.

1. Choose A Good Web Hosting

Apart from optimizing your wordpress site, there is another thing that you need to do at the same time, ensure that you have a reliable wordpress hosting company. Every site needs a good web host, and choosing the right hosting provider is one of the most crucial aspects.

Some of the best managed wordpress hosting companies that are trusted by webmasters are:

Any of the above are highly recommended for wordpress sites, but if your website is receiving high amounts of traffic then go for kinsta.

2. Choose A Good WordPress Theme

Good wordpress themes are fast, lightweight and easy to use. Many of the themes contains heavy scripts and css, so changing your themes continuously can overwrite existing PHP scripts which may cause your site to slow down and affect page loading speed, this may even break down sever loading.

After installing wordpress it is time to install our theme, the ones that I recommend are astra and generatepress. You can get full details about these themes here.

Do not change your current theme if it is already in use, you may loose traffic for doing this.

3. Use Cache Plugins

Are you facing a slow speed loading issue on your website?. Would you like to speed up your website and perform better user experience, better quality services?.

More than 70% of your visitors expect website loading speed to be less than 4 seconds. So that’s where cache plugins play a vital role to boost your website speed and performance.

So how do they work?.

Cache plugins can keep away many unnecessary steps each time your website is loading, it also boosts your website speed by creating static files on disk. Whenever any user visits your website, this plugin places a lighter version of files instead of heavy PHP scripts and instantly loads your website.

Cache plugins takes care of the following:

  • Removes unused CSS and Javascripts
  • Optimizes and resize images
  • Minimizes http request
  • Eliminates render blocking resources
  • Minifies CSS, Javascripts and html

List of recommended cache plugins you can try out:

4. Add CDN

Content delivery network (CDN), helps to efficiently deliver your content, CSS, Javascript and images from different locations across the globe with high availability and high performance, by serving the content from the location that is as close to your visitors as possible. Utilizing the content delivery network is among the most effective ways to increase your website speed.

It copies your content in multiple servers which are strategically located around the global, so once people visit your sites, the desired contents will be delivered from the nearby serve, which increases the speed to a large extent.

While there are many CDN providers available, the best one that I highly recommend is Max CDN, it is easy to use, affordable and budget-friendly.


Improving and optimizing core web vitals for your website plays an important role in page speed, user experience and rankings.

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