How to Use Facetime: Reviews, Pros and Cons

How To Use Facetime

What is Facetime?

This app allows you to make voice calls, do video talk, send texts messages, photos, videos, chat and meet new people from social networks.

You can also see your favorite stars live performances anytime and anywhere using your iphone device.

It also enables you to do live video calls and chat with your favorite hot single girls on hot beach streaming on your smartphone.

You make friends and interact with the screen hot single girls through streaming video directly.

Facetime App Review:

  • Data consumption
  • How it works
  • How to use the app

Data Consumption

It depends on your network connection and it’s speed.

If you have a good connection and great internet speed then it can go into Gbs for an hour of FaceTime call.

Generally, I’ve seen 1–2 Gbs being used from my data connection be it’s wifi or my cellular connection for an hour long facetime video call.

But when you have a slow internet speed then it may range to 400–600Mbs for an hour long facetime video call, it’s a simple concept.

With high speed internet, facetime videos are crisp and crystal clear like high definition (HD) video and audio quality and hence it takes more data.

How to use facetimeWhen you have a slow internet connection, the video and audio quality are poor as compared to a facetime call on high speed internet connection and hence, a less usage of the data for same amount of a Facetime call.

Facetime doesn’t have a setting which lets you to choose on the quality of the video call like high or low quality but adjusts itself based on your iPhone’s internet connection and speed.

It’s like when you try to listen or watch a high quality audio or video it takes more data as compared to a low quality one and the same theory is being followed by facetime for a video or audio call without giving you an option to choose on the audio or video quality.

How Facetime Works

In my own understanding, calls are initiated over apple’s push notification service, which is available on all iOS devices, to some extent, apple are probably providing facetime signaling priority (the push notification service doesn’t guarantee to third party developers low latency that is required for visual communications).

After the initial signaling, facetime uses SIP, or more likely a variant of SIP to connect the call.

How To Use Facetime

There are a few ways to do this, and there are a few different types of facetime.

It’s kind of confusing but it is simple if you use the most popular route, call to video!.

Call To Video

Let’s assume you want to just do a “video chat”.

Call someone like normal (with their phone number). If they’re using an iPhone, you’ll see a facetime button on your screen.

Tap it and boom, facetime.

You’ll want to be sure your network signal is decent (wi-fi is best).

Video (No Call)

Alternately you can open their contact (in the Phone or Contacts app) and tap on the video camera icon to initiate a facetime call without having to begin a phone call.

Voice Only

You can tap the phone icon in someone’s profile and it’ll ask you if you want to dial the number over the phone or use facetime audio (which is facetime without the video).

The difference in audio quality is like night and day when compared to a regular phone call.

It’s also encrypted for an extra measure of security.

Note: This only works with Apple devices (not android). Both of you will need to be sure facetime is turned on in the settings. This is the default so it should just work.

Pros & Cons


  • It uses encryption which cannot be read by Apple. Or intercepting agencies. So unless the NSA have implanted some more of their patriotic spyware in there, you should be safe.
  • Facetime connections are end to end encrypted using three items of data. It’s the same process used in iMessage.


  • FaceTime doesn’t support conference calling
  • It depends on high speed broadband connection
  • Video and audio quality is poor when using slow internet speed.

I hope this is helpful.

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