How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency

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Starting a Social Media Marketing Agency

SMM is one of best ways to promote your business, which is to attract the target audience from social networks, forums, web blogs.

SMM promotion on social networks allows you to directly interact with potential customers:

  • To acquaint with a brand, to form recognition, the loyal relation.
  • Get feedback about your products/services.
  • Work with reviews, objections, convey information of interest.
  • To engage in interaction through discussions, contests, etc.
  • Stimulate potential customers before committing a targeted action.
  • Remind yourself of your customer base.

I can not tell everything in this post. And so I want to give an example about one of the most popular social networks, instagram.

Your account will not grow by itself, even if the content is beautiful and interesting.

You need to somehow attract more users to your account. This can be done in several ways:

  • Official Advertising
  • Advertise with Bloggers
  • Contests and Marathons

Official advertising works very well, but is quite expensive.

Bloggers are effective, but it’s hard to find good ones.

Competitions and marathons works great.

Can This Really Help Your Business?

The answer is simply YES you need it.

social media marketing agency Social media does not only enable significant outreach and networking but additionally permits interactivity that can be extremely useful to your business.

It offers plenty of unique benefits to business owners, as it enables them to connect to their customers and also to gain the attention of more potential clients.

Most business owners have actually revealed that social media sites make it possible for them to obtain direct exposure, traffic and gain market insights.

The advantages of Social media to business growth include:

  • Acquiring traffic for your business: Social network enhances the entire experience of getting traffic for your business. The idea is not just to use social media for engagement, however likewise to drive customers to your companies web page, which will certainly further enlighten users about your work and your services.
  • Enhance communication with your clients: perhaps the most important value social media can to your company is to provide you a method to engage with clients in an entirely personal way. The social network enables you to get personal with your clients, and develop a bond of trust with them. By responding to the problems of your clients and also asking for their viewpoints, you can boost consumer satisfaction while getting more website traffic for your website, which additionally promotes your company.
  • Enhance your business sales: An excellent social media sites campaign will have a favorable effect on sales as it boosts the total direct exposure of your business. It gets people to continuously keep discussing your services, and projects your services to a much wider target market. When you connect with your clients regularly, you form a bond of decency with them this further illustrates a great deal of interest in your clients and their experience, and frequently leads to additional sales.
  • Enhance Business Reputation Management: if you have ever been into business, you must have recognized the impact of a negative comment can be much more dangerous than nearly anything else. By staying up to date with a strong and consistent social media visibility, you can aid to keep the great track record and solid image of your business. With social media, you can conveniently reply to possibly negative comments instantly, and aid keeps the picture of excellent client support that you want your business to have.
  • Extremely Economical: Social network is extremely low-cost when compared to various other advertising and marketing tools available for business owners. The social media tools are complimentary for everyone to utilize. By just investing time working on your social networks visibility for a couple of minutes a day, you can see excellent advantages of boosted direct exposure and sales, and also establish excellent connections with your customers.

Starting Your Own Social Media Marketing Agency

SMM agency offers social media services, search engine services, and website design services.

The are 3 crucial factors to consider before starting your own social media marketing agency:

1. Social Consultancy

Help develop a social strategy with you based upon your end goals. You may already have in-house marketing teams who just require guidance, or you may need a social media marketing agency to help build your social presence from scratch. We’ll help find the best approach.

2. Brand Management

Finding & securing the appropriate usernames & profiles across the channels. Your brand is obviously very important and so social media agency will be on hand to help to turn potential customer problems into praise.

3. Social Tone & Nature

The ways in which businesses can use social media differs massively. A social media agency will help find the right tone of voice and style for you, making sure that your business is portrayed exactly how you want it.

Advice and Tips

So here are some basic SMM tips that you need to keep a check on, while marketing through various social media channels.

Even though social media is indeed a great platform for enhancing the business along with building a goodwill amongst the users. But, you just go ahead beating around the bush thinking to achieve goals in a day.

Here are few questions at a glance that you need to ask before starting the campaign

However, I have also been using the ‘hit and trial’ method for quite long now, but you don’t need to as I am here to mention the best tips right here in this answer.

So, let’s unfold the Best Social Media Marketing Tips:

1. Keep Your Social Media Profiles Updated

Well, this is the crucial part when you are working on social media. In order to do so, you need to work a bit hard.

  • Search for the profiles related to your business & go through the ones ranking on top two pages.
  • Analyze these profile details and look what’s missing.
  • Update your social media profiles by filling in the required data. That’s It!
2. Vital Cross-Media Promotion – What’s that?

Nothing much to do in this. You need to simply link your one social media profile to another. For instance, you can link your Facebook, LinkedIn, & Instagram profiles to Twitter & vice-versa.

Another way to link up your profiles is through email signatures. You can either use some tools to do or simply add the links.

This way, your users can instantly connect you through all these platforms.

3. Stop Purchasing Fake Followers/Likes

A healthy promotion must be your evergreen goal.

Buying the likes/follows will initially make you feel so ‘popular’.

Tell me one thing – What’s the use of marketing when there are no genuine users?

Moreover, Twitter & Facebook are coming up with moderation techniques for filtering out profiles with fake likes & followers. So, it won’t help you in the long run.

4. Social Profiles Customization

I know I’ve stated the something like this earlier. Lemme tell you what else you need to do to keep your audience engaged & attract the new ones.

Here are some more points you need to keep in mind regarding your social profiles:

  • Change the bio frequently & examine which works best for you by getting you the maximum followers.
  • Use headshots as display pic rather than a logo. That will be more attractive.
  • Create an indelible or catchy username.
  • Customize the backgrounds or cover pics according to your business cranny.
5. LinkedIn Is A Must-Have

Looking at the professional front. It’s very important for an entrepreneur to have a LinkedIn account. Make sure you create the best portfolio to represent yourself that includes:

  • Use SEO keywords.
  • Create a public profile so more users can have a gist about you.
  • Include case studies & other work-related info to attract clients & achieve a good ranking in SERP.
  • Join ‘Groups’ related to your niche & get knowledge as well get acknowledged by the members. You can sync your blog posts with your LinkedIn
6. Reply To Negative Comments Personally

You should respond to appreciation with gratitude & also accept the criticism when served positively.

Always get in touch with people who post negative comments and try to understand where you are lacking behind. Trust me! These comments actually help you in getting better.

7. Engaging Question Prompts
  • Ask questions
  • Create polls
  • Ask for feedback.

Well, these are some of the easiest ways to interact with the followers and thereby also know what your audience is expecting from you.

8. Connect With New People Periodically

How long are you planning to remain ‘A frog in a well’?. You need to get out of the nutshell and learn to communicate with new people.

  • Update your email list.
  • Create groups and connect with your followers
  • Join new groups
9. Multi-level Marketing

Let’s talk about multi-level marketing, as the name itself suggests marketing done at different levels.

How Does That Relate to SMM?

Think this way, you might have come across various giveaways carried out by people on their social accounts.

Have you ever thought – Why do they give away their products for free?

Well, who doesn’t love getting their favorite products for free?

For this, you may ask the target audience to follow you, like the recent posts(or anything you want), comment on your posts or tag their friends.

It won’t cost them a single penny and they might bring in more interested users to your page or account in order to get free products.

As the number of followers will increase, you will see a rise in your sales. Moreover, it won’t even cost you much, you need to spend just a single product for free.

10. Track Using Google Analytics

Last but not least, you must keep a track on all the growth & traffic coming from social media. You can effortlessly create goals and analyze the accomplishment of these goals accordingly.

Here, I think I’ve stated all the important points to be kept in mind while Marketing on Social Media. If you use these tips, I’m sure you’ll be able to make a way to social media.

Bonus Tips

The best would be The Upfront Value.

No matter, what platform you are using, the upfront value will sure attract and hook your audience, no matter if they’re cold, warm, or hot.

But before providing this value, make sure to:

Conduct Your Prior Research

You can’t target well when you don’t have clarity of what your audience expects from you. Listen and find out their biggest pain points and as well as their complete persona and buying behaviour. You can even provide upfront value to make sure your customers participate in providing you this data. This information is also useful for you to further develop content and product.

If you can’t provide a whole-hearted upfront value, it is best to just leave it. Since it is a common strategy nowadays to hook cold leads up, people tend to be more and more skeptical about it. I’ve seen much half-hearted value that often scams its leads. This is a huge no-no as it will affect your Brand image on social media. Always strive the best for your customers. On the other hand, if you can provide a great upfront value, people will be less skeptical about your paid commodities. “If they can provide this value for free, imagine how much value that their paid service/products will bring”.

Constantly Updating Your Offer

An outdated lead magnet will turn potential customers off. What works today, may not work tomorrow. It will also limit your reach towards existing customers. If you constantly have new things to share, people will be paying more attention to your Brand.

Eventually, you will have a stronger bond with your customers.

Challenges You’re Going to Face and How to Overcome them

Use social media as an effective customer service tool to boost brand engagement and win new customers.

As for me:

  • Covering all social media platforms and profiles with content regularly
  • Reporting in a simple, user-friendly way so clients would understand all statistics
  • Getting clients’ approval in time so I wouldn’t miss the chance of posting content when the context is right (it matters the most for RTM)

I use kontentino to overcome all those challenges

Tools for SMM

1. SocialBu

There are many social media tools out there. But I would like to suggest you the best social media tool named SocialBu. It is an all in one social media management and automation platform. It offers you amazing features at affordable prices.

So Let see the key functionalities of this tool:

Fully dynamic automation

You can automate responses (including auto-replies to messages and comments) efficiently.

SocialBu automatically answers queries (the ones automated) for you when you are offline. this really gives you an edge over your competitors as with Socialbu you are way more responsive, even at odd hours.

How its dynamic automation works

This is one of the game-changing parts of its automation where also you can create fully dynamic automation rules to support my social media and eliminate repetitive tasks from one place to the various platforms.

  • Publish and Schedule posts at a single click with SocialBu. Scheduling was never this easy, an inbuilt calendar cuts down your time and helps you plan posts in shortest of time spans. One can also save them as drafts to be reviewed later on, which are of course editable later.
  • Schedule with the help of intuitive Social Calendar.
  • Respond from one window to all.
  • It has an amazing feature” Respond” with its centralized social inbox and respond to them easily.
  • Also, you can track hashtags and keywords related to your Niche. you get to know all that is going on on your competitor’s end.
Instagram Stories Scheduling

When it comes to managing instagram, It allows you to schedule photo and video stories in Bulk. Here, you also can add a link (or swipe-up link) to Instagram stories.

  • Post Recycling
  • Team Collaboration
  • Team Approvals
  • Insights

It also generates reports for your social media & making it easier for you to plan out my future posts and assess their timings. Where you can analyze your marketing efforts and set a custom time frame.

Get your 14-day free trial and start your SMM today.

2. Canva and Pablo(for images with quotes)

You can send Pablo images to your Buffer (more on that later) directly, which makes it very fast to share quotes. (Pretty images with quotes is something that for some reason people on social media love to share!)

3. Buffer

I personally like Buffer because it is simple, visual and very easy to use. This, together with Pablo makes posting images super easy. Another very good option is Hootsuite

On their premium version you can upload social media posts from spreadsheets, which is a real time saver, The downside to Hootsuite is that uploading images is more time consuming than with Buffer. And we all know how important images are on social media!

3. Heepsy

If your social media accounts don’t have a big following yet, one of the best way to grow your audience is to partner with influencers to help you amplify your message. For this, I recommend Heepsy, an affordable and user friendly tool to find influencers.

4. Analytics

For this you can use the analytics suite of each social media (Twitter analytics, Instagram Insights…) or tools that integrate all, like Audience. Also, to measure the effects of your social media efforts use google analytics.

Cost For Starting SMM

This is a great and very important question for anybody that is thinking about outsourcing their social media marketing.

Social media is free to set up but to make the most of it, time and effort is needed.

For business owners, that’s a big commitment and that’s why more and more businesses are turning to either outsourcing their social media, or employing social media managers.

The right answer very much depends on your situation.

So take a look at your overall marketing budget, your target audience and your goals or someone like me to figure out what’s right for you.

But realistically, creating a comprehensive strategy for SMM and outsourcing all work for all channels (with a minimum of two social networks) costs anywhere from $400-$20,000 per month, with the industry average settling between $100-$7000 per month.

In Conclusion

Social media marketing is a powerful strategy for growing your brand, it helps you to build social presence online. If you wish to start a social media marketing agency, then take full advantage of it now to skyrocket your business to success.

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