How to Optimize Site Speed and Performance in WordPress

How to optimize site speed and performance in wordpress

I’ve heard lots of site owners complaining these days about their site’s speed, it is nothing new, and it keeps occurring every time.

When it comes to performance and user experience, speed is one crucial factor for all websites.

It doesn’t matter how new or old the site may be, the most important thing is making sure our website offers the best experience.

Otherwise this may affect our google rankings, and that is SEO.

Many websites and blogs are having lots of issues with their site’s speed.

optimize site speed and performance in wordpress

I can just list a vast number of them but I’ll start with the most common problems we all encounter with our wordpress site and how to fix them.

Why is your website slowing down?

Well, there are many reasons, some of the factors include:

  • The quality of hosting
  • WordPress Theme
  • Caching
  • Not compressing images
  • Too much javascripts
  • Outdated wordpress version
  • Unused plugins
  • Placing too many ads

Now, here’s how you can increase the running speed of your wordpress site.

1. Quality of Hosting

Your hosting is one of the first priorities when it comes to building a website or blog. Site owners don’t really know the types of hosting that are currently used by many.

There are numerous companies on the internet promising to offer cheap hosting and delivering high speed surfing on the web, you have to be a bit cautious about these things.

Finding a good hosting platform is really hard but don’t worry I’ve found the best ones that can help you launch your website and carry out your own projects.

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Here’s the list:


It is one of the best wordpress hosting services out there.

It has an almost 100% uptime with ultra-fast response time (clocking at under 400 ms).

It uses google cloud platform for wordpress hosting.

If you want to migrate your pre-existing site, a team of experts can help you do that in no time.

As for the pricing, kinsta offers scalable plans that starts at a $30 monthly subscription, that’s for one wordpress installation and up to 20000 monthly visits.


It is a platform that takes away most of the complexities associated with setting up and managing an AWS server.

With cloudways, you can avail of various useful utilities that makes it possible to launch a site really fast.

If you choose to host a website with cloudways, you won’t have to:

  • Tinker with linux commands
  • Delve into the complexities of configuring the server (that includes watching numerous tutorials and how to videos)
  • Dedicate hours upon hours on troubleshooting when something goes wrong.
  • Do any coding

With cloudways you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Pricing – $10 per month, this is better than any other cloud hosting platform from my own experience and the price falls within your budget
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Cloudways CDN – They use stackpath


Is a web hosting company recommended by blog tool publishing platform, and CMS wordpress. It features 1-click installations in all their plans.

  • The hosting plans appear to be cheap, but not all of them are as they seem. You can get started for as little as $3.95 per month with shared hosting. The starter plan usually costs $7.99 per month, which is still quite reasonable. But wordpress plans starts at $12.49 monthly.
  • Get unmetered bandwidth with all accounts.
  • The starter plan comes with 100 email accounts. The plus and business pro plans offer unlimited email accounts.
  • Get up to $200 in marketing offer bonuses.
  • Enhanced cPanel makes it easy to configure and control your sites.

Discount Offer: Get bluehost at affordable price, start your hosting today using my link here.

Bluehost offers five main types of hosting plans:

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Cloud Sites

If you are looking for something inexpensive and basic, shared hosting is probably what you need if you are just entering the world of blogging.

This is what most beginners and small businesses are after.

Dedicated hosting is the most expensive option, don’t even think of it unless you are a company, an agency, industry..etc. This type of hosting is appropriate for large commercial firms that need full control of their resources.

Before we begin, let’s start with running a speed performance test using google pagespeed insights and pingdom, that’s the first step.

Next, we remove all javascripts, render blocking CSS and cached data on our site to see how things go.

Then we move on to choosing a lightweight theme and replacing with the old one.

Note very well that, some themes use lots of css coding and others requires the usage of page building tools to build your blog so be very much careful of the theme you use.

A typical example is beaver builder theme, it needs a beaver builder tool to add in some extra features to your site.

Just make sure you build it in a way that won’t affect your sites speed performance.

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If you need coaching and guidance on how to build a wordpress blog using a page builder like beaver builder, themify, visual composer and a few others, here’s a full course that teaches you how to create beautiful wordpress themes, landing pages and websites.

Ithemes page builder developer training course – Become a beaver builder expert and streamline your wordpress development process

2. Speed Testing

When I launched this blog for the very first time, I run a couple of tests for this site previously, and the screenshots below showed the following results.

google page speed lab data for schema lite

Currently, I’ve uploaded countless images on this blog and put in some one or two ads lately that has slowed down the site a bit, but it doesn’t take much time to load, I can proudly boast of 1.0 to 2.5 seconds on average, depending on the visitor’s bandwidth.

I made some improvements on this blog a couple of times until I reached a speed score of not less than 85, that was back then.


3. Removing Java Scripts and CSS

Loading too many scripts can be very harmful when there’s lots of ads, motion pictures, sliders, and other blog activities, these scripts slows down your website causing disruptions on the server.

Your site can crash at any instant when there’s server overload.

So what do you do?.

You will need one click wordpress speed optimization.

You can run this plugin with just a single click.

One thing about this plugin is that, you can optimize the speed for your wordpress admin panel, it is CPU friendly and works with all the themes and plugins too.

It is quite fast and will not strain your site.

4. Using lightweight wordpress themes

Speaking of wordpress themes, there are millions of them that comes with different sets of features and colorful looks but what worries most is that you don’t know which one will be suitable for your site.

Some themes may look very beautiful but its compatibility, speed and performance with your hosting is very important, that is why you have to do a quick check on these fast loading themes and see which one is good for your blog.

5. Clear Cache

Cached data is also one of the things that can slow your site down.

WordPress plugins creates cache each time we install, activate and deactivate, likewise browsing history and cookies builds up cache in the browser everyday and must be cleared to avoid site overload, crashing or even hacking.

The only way to solve this problem is easy, use cache plugin set up on wordpress to do the job,  WpOptimize is also another great option, but if the pricing is not within your budget then go for borlabs. These plugins will help you clear all the cache from your site.

In case you want to protect your site from crashing, use updraftplus to create a backup.

6. Compress Images

Adding images forms an important part of your website, it makes your site looks amazing. Everytime you write a blog post, you add in some images right?, but guess what, it takes almost about half of your storage space and there’s nothing you can do to avoid that.

The more images you upload, the lesser your storage space becomes.

Some images have large file size and you must compress them to optimize page speed.

Lossless image optimization and compression for wordpress allows you to compress multiple images and shrink to its smallest size, this will free some space on your storage disk.

7. Remove Unused Plugins

You must uninstall any unused plugins that is out of date, also, there are some plugins with similar functions causing obstructions, a typical example is litespeedcache and WpOptimize, they both have the same features and benefits, so you need to make sure one is deactivated and uninstalled immediately.

8. Remove Ads

If you have a site full of many ads, try to reduce the number to at least two per page or you can remove them completely, this will not make your ads intrusive and annoying to visitors. The simplest way to insert and limit ads on your blog is using adinserter. This plugin does all the work for you and there’s no need to add many codes in every post, adinserter takes off the heavy load.

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