How To Index Your Pages and Fix Errors With Google Search Console

How To Index Your Pages On Google And Fix Errors With Search Console

You just started a new website, wrote some articles and published them but there’s no visitor reading your content.

I’ve been in that same situation as you, it is so frustrating when your blog has no traffic.

In this post, I’ll help you understand a little bit of SEO, how search engine works, and using the google search console tool to index your pages and fix errors.

Now let’s start!.

What is SEO?

First, SEO simply means, search engine optimization.

There are many factors that accounts for why most content gets ranked in search engines, such as keywords, header tags, meta tag description, number of words per post and many others.

how to index your page on googleWriting lots of unique content means more visitors, which leads to google noticing your pages. When that happens, your content appears to rank higher which easily translates to higher value.

The most important thing is to start thinking about how content can be created and published on your website.

One simple place to start is to provide informational content that helps readers learn about your products and services, as well as generic related topics.

Part of the concept in improving content to boost search engine rankings is that, you want to “get to know” your clients well enough to figure out what they are interested in learning about, even if they are not ready to buy.

Statistics show that people who visit your website, only 2% are ready to buy and take action. The other 98% may just be doing research, exploring possibilities, and so on.

How Search Engine Works

The life span of a google query is less than half a second, the google query takes off and involves quite a few steps.

Imagine for a moment, milliseconds almost like a light speed, yet it still must perform “several” steps.

When you do a google search, you are not actually searching the web, you are finding google’s index of the web. Google does this with a software program called web crawlers.

Web Crawlers

Google bots start by fetching a few web pages from the web. Then, they follow the links on those pages, fetch the pages they point to, follow the links on those web pages and go gets the pages they link too and so on.

How Google Bots Function

Basically all search engine spiders function on the same principle, they crawl the web and index pages, which are stored in a massive database and later use various algorithms to determine page, ranking and the relevancy of the pages.

Algorithms of estimating rankings and relevancy will vastly differ among search engines. It is very crucial that you know what google bots are interested in and what they reject.

Therefore, it is important that you know what google’s bots want to see and what they will definitely skip right over.

Moreover, search engine crawlers are robots and they do not read your pages the way humans do.

Instead, they tend to see only a specific stuff and are blind for many extras like flash and javascripts that are designed for humans.

Since bots determine if humans will find your blog in search engines, it is worth considering what web crawlers like and what they don’t like.

The Google Search Console

The google search console tool is trusted and used by lots of digital marketers. One of the incredible things about this tool is that, it helps your blog appear in search engines and improves your rankings better.

This tool gives you insights and data reports about your page’s visibility on google.

It diagnoses problems, discovers your links, query traffic and shares valuable information about your website with google.

Besides, other than buying paid traffic through adwords, the best way to get more traffic from them is through SEO.

Before you start optimizing your site, the first thing is to sign up for google search console.

Google Search Console Basic Features

  • Performance
  • Sitemap
  • Url Inspection
  • Speed Test
  • Sitelinks searchbox
  • AMP (accelerated mobile pages)
  • Mobile Usability

Google Search Console Benefits:

  • Shows search phrases that your website appears in google.
  • Displays any inbound links to your website from other websites.
  • It also shows sitemaps you’ve submitted to google (pages, images, etc).
  • It detects errors with your website and then gives you suggestions to fix them.
  • HTML improvements that can be made to your website.
  • Details about your websites structured data (rich snippets).

Indexing Your Pages With Google Search Console

First, we must bear in mind that SEO takes time to see results, but in some cases it doesn’t, SEO is dynamic.

So now we are going to make our website known to google.

1. Create a Property in Search Console

This is by far the best way to let google recognize your URL or domain name, it tells google that you own the site.

To verify this, there are two ways:

  • Copy the search console code given to you and paste it into your DNS text records.
  • Embed your google analytics code into the <head> tag of your html blogger template. If you use wordpress install header and footer plugin and then paste the code.

After you finish any of these steps, head back to your search console and click on verify.

2. Submit a Sitemap

This is also a strategic way of indexing your pages faster. The sitemap displays all the content you’ve published on your site in HTML format. If you want to know how you can submit your sitemap to google check this post here.

3. Fix Broken Links

Broken links also weakens your SEO, these slight errors should not be a problem. To fix it, go to search console, on the menu look for “coverage”.

Once you see errors, this means there are links broken on your website, go back to your wordpress dashboard, click on plugin, add new and search for broken links checker plugin. You can still download it here and install.

This plugin will automatically scan
through the whole website and look for broken links in all your posts.

If you see old URLs inserted into one of your blog post, just quickly correct the errors by putting the right links there and that’s it all done.

4. Do URL Inspection

This test drive will only assist you in getting to know which of your pages are indexed and mobile friendly.

5. Page Speed Test

If you can with less effort, run a speed test for your wordpress site to see the score. Results will tell how much time your pages, images, CSS classes and Javascripts takes time to load, this affects SEO.

Statistics show that wordpress sites with poor page speed experience higher bounce rates compared to those with faster loading pages.

If your site takes more than two seconds to load, this means, your visitors are likely to leave and they won’t read your content.


Final Thoughts

The google search console is the perfect tool for SEO, with all the features and benefits, it helps to know what works and what doesn’t. If you are thinking of just starting a new blog use the tool to build a high authority site.