How To Improve Communication Skills: 9 Tips For Entrepreneurs

How To Improve Communication Skills

There is a concept in sales, that is, “ keeping it short and simple versus keeping it long and lengthy.”

An amateur salesperson would go through a long process to “Kill” the sale.

On the other hand, a good salesperson would list all of the vital points in the shortest time possible and close the deal.

What does it mean?.

how to improve communication skills – communication skills how to improveIn business, having good communication skills is all that matters, if you have this skill, it is easy to win clients and making sales becomes simple.

Here are 9 tips on how to improve communication skills:

1. Listen

Listen with your whole body. Open your ears. Look at the person talking to you. Don’t think about what you plan to say next. Don’t plot your counter-argument. Don’t try to fix anything and don’t glance at your phone, just put it away.

2. Don’t Try To Win

Your priority should be to make yourself understood, and to try to understand. If your goal is to win every argument this will snarl your ability to clearly communicate.

3. Keep Things Simple

What do you want to say?, Why do you want to say it?, What do you want the outcome to be?. Say what you want to say. Don’t bury it in a tissue paper words. Don’t muddle it up. Make it straightforward or go straight to the point.

4. Focus

Don’t multitask. Don’t text, look beyond the person you are talking to, don’t think about the precision implicit in your coffee order and the things you have to pick up at the supermarket. Take a deep breath. Quiet your inner chatter. One thing at a time.

5. Be Polite

If you are cruel, tactless, snarky, rude, how you make the other person feel irritated will create a noisy interference that will impede her from listening to what you want to get across.

6. Be Brief

Don’t assume. If you are deducing, suspecting, estimating, expecting, stop. Use your words. Don’t guess, ask and confirm. You will save much time.

7. Don’t Play Games

Clean up your intent. Don’t say one thing to accomplish another. Don’t say no when you mean yes. Don’t strategize to manipulate how another person will react. Stick to saying what you mean.

8. Tell The Truth

Nothing will keep people from understanding you more than them not trusting you. If something is wrong, let them know don’t hide it, this makes your business genuine and authentic in the eyes of people.

9. Talk Less

The more you talk, the less you will listen. The less you talk the more people ask questions. Questions drive conversations, and conversations are what closes deals by building relationships and trust.

There was a study done where two individuals who had never met before were paired up and told to engage in a conversation to get to know each other.

The individuals who talked more throughout the conversation felt more connected in the new relationship. The people who spoke less did not feel as engaged.

If you want people to feel like they’re engaged and connected with you, let them be the one that talks the most.

If you’re known as the type of person who talks a lot, talks over people, or doesn’t allow others to join in conversations, people will avoid you. The less you say, the more profound and better at active listening you become. Share the conversation and allow people to feel connected with you.


In conclusion, great communication starts when you listen more than you talk, engage your audience with questions, and inform them of how you can solve their problems.

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