How to Change Facebook Page Name With or Without Page Likes

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How To Change Facebook Page Name

We all know how to change the facebook page name, that is very common these days.

You login into your account, head over to your fan page, click on the “about tab” and  do some slight changes there.

how to change facebook page nameHowever, facebook’s strict policies has come up with some strange restrictions that is making the whole process really slow.

Its not a bad idea though in the sense that, a different identity can’t use the same name for their own fan page.

When this happens otherwise, it confuses your audience as to which of your pages is authentic or fake.

Let me show you an example:

facebook pages with similar names

As you can see, these fan pages are almost having a similar name altogether, it’s really hard to identify and distinguish them both.

Now you know why facebook is putting restrictions, and I think this alone should be enough to help you get the clear picture.

The Help Guide

In this help guide, I’ll show you how you can genuinely change your facebook page name without conflicting with others.

Tip: To alter your facebook page name, you’ll need to be an admin to request for a change to your page’s name, keep in mind that changing your page’s name won’t affect its username.

Take a look at my fanpage, it’s a news and media website, at first, the name was originally “360ghlivenews“, this was too long, boring and not good, so I decided to change it into something very short, simple and easy to remember.

It’s not that easy just to alter the name, it requires patience and strategy.

According to facebook rules, you can’t change the original name to something else that is contradictory and misleading.

So what do we do?.


We use 2 formulas to help us solve the problem.

Method A

Let’s say my name is John, and I want to change it to something different, I can simply revert that to “Johnny”.

If we do comparison for both,  there’s a slight difference here, we only included just the “ny” to make that sound great, John and Johnny are two different sets of names but actually refers to the same identity.

If we use 360ghlivenewstv, the approval will not be accepted because, someone else might have requested for that same suggestion or it’s already in use.

how to change facebook page name - facebook page name unapproved

Method B

If I’m changing from John to “John the Joker “, I formed a phrase with the name John by adding “the joker“.

Which means, you can only change the identity of a person with a “unique phrase” that represents something different, but the sentence structure still contains the name John.

Here’s the silly thing I did to change the facebook page name from “360ghlivenews” to “Taravoice”.

Follow these instructions carefully and slowly.

We don’t want facebook to know that we are using a different identity, we are just doing some minor changes using method B, so instead, our original page name which is 360ghlivenews is been replaced with “360ghlivenews by Taravoice”.

Makes Sense?

Tip: Fan page with over 1000+likes can use this procedure, however pages with fewer likes or less can’t apply this method. If you just created a new page, it’s very easy to change the name, no need to go through this long process.

Now that we are confident, Let’s head over to our facebook account.

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For Desktop Users(PC)

  • Open your chrome browser
  • Go to facebook.com and login
  • On your fan page, click on the about tab and you’ll see; » General » Page info » Contact info

how to change facebook page name - edit facebook page info

  • Under general tab, look for “name”, and click on edit just beside it.

how to change facebook page name - facebook page name edit

  • A pop-up will appear on the screen asking you to type in your new name. I entered “360ghlivenews by Taravoice” and then click on update or save changes.

For Smartphone Users

  • Open your facebook app
  • Login with your credentials
  • Go to your facebook page
  • Look for this icon (•••), tap on it and select “edit page info” Or you can just find it under the “about tab“.

how to change facebook page name - change the facebook page name about tab

  • Choose “page info” to display the options available.
  • On the about page, try entering your new page name, then hit the request change button to continue.

The request will be sent to the facebook team for review. Occasionally, the approval process takes longer than usual, between 3-7 days.

After 3 days, I received a message from facebook alerting me that the approval process was successfully done.

how to change facebook page name - facebook page name approved

I waited for another 2-3 days to allow the results appear in search engines.

Then again, I tried with “360news by Taravoice”. I submitted another request for approval and my wish was granted.

Later on, the facebook team then asked me to wait for about a week later, before I can create a new request.

I remained patiently enough for the next move and this time I’m going all in.

After a week later, I revert from “360news by Taravoice” to “Taravoice”.

It didn’t take me more than a week, I got a message of approval and finally the whole process was a huge success.

Lucky for me, that took me over 2 weeks to see the changes reflecting. I don’t know for you, perhaps the duration period maybe shorter than mine.

how to change facebook page name - facebook page about tab option

Each time you do the changes, facebook will send a notification to your audience telling them about your new brand name.

This whole process actually takes 3 weeks to see positive feedbacks but I did it within the shortest possible time.

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