How To Be Good at Essay Writing: 5 Best Tips

How To Be Good at Essay Writing

The more essays you write, the better you’ll become.

Practice is what will help you improve.

That said, there are a few more tips that I have learned over the years of writing essays.

You should spend a lot of time on the essay question, no matter how simple it looks.

This question is what will help guide you to make a strong argument.

how to be good at essay writing - 5 best tips for beginnersDon’t be afraid to adjust your thesis statement partially through your essay if a section of your argument is weak.

Sometimes, you will not fully realize this until you are writing and you see that, upon reflection, your point is not as strong as you would like it to be.

This is not a disaster.

It is an opportunity for you to write a better essay.

This happens to everyone, including seasoned professors who have to give conference papers.

There’s no shortcut to improving your essay writing skills, honestly speaking.

My own started many years ago after a high school teacher took me aside and went through my poor essay and helped me get an A.

And since then, I’ve learned the lessons over and over again with 200 essays I wrote.

So here it goes:

1. Be sure you learn essay structure

That means you need a clear thesis and support paragraphs (all of which have topic sentences), as well as a concluding paragraph.

2. Reflecting and developing your thesis

If your thesis isn’t quite right your paper will fall flat. Your thesis is usually the answer to a research question.

Your support points are expanded on in the body paragraphs and will develop your argument.

3. Learn how to summarize information

Too often students pluck a big hunk of type from an online source, slap on quotes, and drop it in the middle of the essay.

Your teacher is not assessing your ability to cut and paste, he is assessing your ability to think critically and discuss.

It is better if you can quickly summarize an author’s viewpoint and support info to bolster your own argument.

4. Write several drafts

Edit on screen and edit a paper copy (you catch more stuff on paper).

Keep asking yourself if the information and discussion supports what you are trying to prove.

Don’t be afraid to cut stuff that goes off topic.

5. Use transition words and connecting language for good readability

Talk to your instructor if you are stuck, don’t be afraid. That might save you a whole lot of grief later.

Don’t leave your essay to the last minute.

Study and integrate your instructor’s feedback on your next assignment.

Essay writing can be very confusing sometimes when you find it extremely hard to come up with ideas to build and support your arguments.

Hope these tips helps!.

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