Google Meet Vs Zoom: Which Is Better?

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Google Meet Vs Zoom

What is Google Meet?

Google meet is an upgraded version of the free hangouts app and is more suitable for business applications like webinars and video conferencing.

With google meet, you can host video calls with up to 100 people, depending on the service plan selected.

Google Meet: Is it Free?

Google’s own video conferencing app is now going free for all users globally.

google meet vs zoomEarlier, the app had required a google business or education account to set up calls, essentially it suite software.

But now, going forward, google meet will be available to anyone for free on the web and via mobile apps for iOS or Android.

And if you use google calendar, you’ll be able to easily start or join from there too.

Google meet allows 100 people to participate in a single video call.

How To Use Google Meet

You can plan a video meeting in the google calendar or gmail.

But make sure you’ve signed in to the G-Suite account and read all the terms and conditions of the app.

Then, you can use the google meet through the following steps:

  • Go to the site here in a web browser
  • Tap on join or start a meeting. You can create a nickname (optional) for your meeting so that only people in your organization can quickly join the meeting once they enter a nickname. Ensure that it should be unique so that you can avoid accidentally joining uninvited people
  • Tap continue
  • Tap join now

If you want to add someone to a meeting;

  • Select an option
  • Tap on the copy joining info and paste the meeting details into an email or another app
  • Tap Add people and choose an option
  • Under the Invite section, choose a name or enter an email address and tap Send invite
  • Under the call section, you can enter a phone number and tap call

Note: You can send a meeting link to people outside of your organization, but if it is someone from within your organization then you have to give access to the video meeting.

Is google meet safe to use?

I would probably say, Yes!.

There are no reported issues about google meet.

Google has taken safety measures to prevent the leakage of meeting credentials.

Google meet also would be a good alternative to CISCO webex and zoom because they have a lot of network and security issues which makes them unsafe for confidential meetings.

Is google meet safer than zoom?

Google meet is a completely different thing, all other video conferencing product, each one is developed for its own niche in the market.

Although there are products similar to zoom I will continue to use zoom, my online meetings have no private content so hackers are not a problem, and I think like most hype the negative things about zoom are mostly not true.

We’ve not tried zoom with some federal agencies, but our biggest challenge with google meet is the poor integration to audio and video drivers on MS windows.

Despite the fact that google hangout works well on the same PC, google meet did not recognize the video and I had to move the customer call to zoom.

Google meet is a Bust!.

My first impression are that it has a lot of work to do and may be like google pixel 4, it was rushed to the market way too soon.

Google Meet Review

I love google meet, it is great for business presentations and education based on my experience but when you try to use it for a multiuser party, birthdays and another kind of friends and family reunion, it can be chaotic.

On mobile devices, you only see the speaker and a tiny screen up to four recent speakers, remember in a party everybody talks at the same time, then the screen is a mess.

It can be disturbing and also cause some dizziness.

It is fun with not more than 10 people and if you keep your mic mute.

Better try google hangouts now, it supports 25 people.


Zoom is a typical video conferencing app with various advanced features.

You can access it on your PC or mobile phone (android/ios).

It supports video conferencing upto 100 people.

It provides a great range of accessibility options and also you can interact with a major part of your audience on a single page (videos of almost 30 people is visible at once and one has to switch screens to view the others).

Chat option is available for active discussions during the conference.

For the PC version, some great features like: live background change is also available.

Now, let’s talk about how to use zoom.

Well using the app is as simple as any other video calling app, and it goes like this:

  • First, the host of the meeting schedules a meeting inputing details of the meeting and updating settings as per needs.
  • Then a meeting ID and password (if, enabled) is generated and has to be sent to participants via social media/messaging by the host.
  • The participants can simply click on the link and open it on their desktop/mobile to join the conference.

Screen sharing is also a great feature for demonstrations and white-boarding just as a real-time conference or lecture.

The meeting can also be recorded and saved locally.

How Does Zoom Work?

For one it’s easy to use and supports seamless screen sharing, and instant meetings.

Another major attractive feature has been its virtual background.

Users can transform backdrops instantly from their rooms to golden gate bridge.

Thankfully the app is pretty easy to set-up. It would however require a host of permissions from contacts to camera and microphone access.

Starting a Meeting

There are multiple ways to start a meeting as the host using your host key.

  • To get going, tap on the meet and chat tab at the bottom.
  • Now, tap on the new meeting tab at the top.
  • Next, if you want to use a personal meeting ID (PMI), turn on the switch for it.
  • Finally, hit the start a meeting button and you are ready to go!.
  • Now, a popup will appear asking you to join audio so that you can hear others. Tap on call using internet audio.

During the conference call, you can check out the participants, mute/unmute them, send messages to everyone, and even invite others to join you.

Sharing Content

  • Tap on the Share Content tab. Now, a popup will appear from the bottom with multiple options like Photos, iCloud Drive, Box, Google Drive, etc.
  • Now, if you want to share files saved in respective cloud storage, tap on it and then head over to the folders. After that, choose the file and share it.

How To Join a Meeting

Tap on the meeting link forwarded to you and enter the meeting ID if prompted. You can do this with desktop and smartphone app or on any browser.

Final Thoughts

Both are great apps, but for me, I personally prefer zoom because it’s very easy to use and it’s not sophisticated like google meet.

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