Google Keyword Planner Tool Vs SEMrush: Which Is Better and Why?

Google Keyword Planner Tool Vs SEMrush

Keywords are used in a content to build up your site’s ranking in the search engines and produce more qualified leads.

The most efficient way to upsurge your website ranking in search engines is to determine the keywords most likely to be used by prospective customers.

These keywords will serve as the basis for your content marketing strategy and the subsequent creation of all content.

Let’s talk about some strategies and processes we use for identifying keywords.

Keyword Value

The goal is to select keywords that have the highest relevancy to your products and receives a reasonably high amount of
monthly search queries.

There is little value in being on page one of google for a keyword no one is searching for.

Keyword Variations

It’s important to use variations of your most relevant keywords.

Keyword variations depends on your goal.

It looks more natural and will help you better, keeping you safer from google penalty (not totally safe if overdoing it).

People are searching for a lot of variations to your main keyword, long-tail keywords derived from main keyword converts even more.

google keyword planner toolSearch engines are beginning to incorporate more local results into their SERPs therefore I like the idea of keyword variations using geographic terms.

Say you own a pharmacy shop in Kansas. The natural tendency is to appear number one on Pharmacy Shop.

This is a search term that is highly focused locally, meaning local results will dominate here.

You would start by focusing on kansas pharmacy shop or pharmacy shop in kansas.

This gives you higher chances of appearing on geo-location enabled searches and adds strength when you want to go after pharmacy shop.

Keyword variations still depends on your goals and your SEO method.

If you are looking to rank a niche website i.e. Payday loans, you would focus less on variation and more on link building (1000s and 1000s of them).

Beware that blackhat methods may not be a great long term strategy.

I would first develop a strategy and what your goals are for your specific website, than the proper SEO method will reveal itself.

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Impossibly High Volume Keywords Meet Long-tail

In most markets, the obvious keyword choices, which are
generally broad, are too popular and therefore too competitive to rely on to improve search ranking.

Longer keyword phrases,
commonly called “long-tail keywords” have less competition than immensely popular one and two-word phrases and can accelerate your lead generation success.

For example, if your primary keyword is “lead generation”,
expand to “B2B lead generation” or “B2B lead generation strategies”.

A qualified audience will likely demonstrate a higher click-
through-rate (CTR) for the phrase “B2B lead generation agency” versus “lead generation”.

In this way, you may also be found for “lead generation”
depending on other ranking factors.

Marketing Jargon

Marketing jargon, such as “best of breed” or “mission critical”
hinders effective search marketing.

Effective keywords are phrases that prospects would use in normal conversation.

Stop Words

Search engines ignore words such as “and,” “to,” and “the.”

If your keyword phrase is “lead generation in B2B marketing,” you may also be found for “lead generation marketing” and “B2B lead generation”.


Search engines ignore punctuation.

That means it sees “pay-per-click” as the same word as “pay per click”.

It knows that “email” is the same as “e-mail”.

Keyword Localization

Google knows that “color” and “colour” are different spellings
based on localization of content for the same word.

Adapt spelling for your geographic region.

Keyword Research

Google has a few tools that make it easy to conduct keyword research.

The google keyword planner tool is a great place to start.

You can insert one keyword, multiple keywords, or even your website address, and google will then return a list of related keywords along with simple metrics to gauge how fierce the competition is around each one and how many searches it gets on both a global and local search level.

Hubspot also has its very own keyword grader tool, which helps you identify the best keywords for optimizing your site, and also tracks results from each one.

This tracking feature allows you to see which keywords are actually driving traffic and leads, and to continue optimizing your keywords over time based on this information.

Bonus Tip: Upsurge your marketing game with Hubspot’s programs, tools and resources. What are you waiting for?, Start your training today.

In this post, our main focus is comparing google keyword planner tool and SEMRush, which of these is better for keyword research?.

Google Keyword Planner Tool

This is one of the best keyword research tools available.

The keyword volume numbers were more trustworthy than other keyword tools, simply because they came right from the source.

With google’s recent announcement that their free keyword tool has gone away, replaced with their integrated PPC keyword planner tool.

Google Keyword Planner Pros and Cons

With the advent of the keyword planner, google is making a strong statement that they’ll continue to focus on supporting PPC advertisers rather than organic search marketers.

To that end, the keyword planner tool is heavily focused on PPC ads; you even have to sign up for adwords account to use it (although you don’t have to enter any payment info, and would only end up paying for the tool if you created and launched an ad).

That said, the tool definitely retains some SEO utility.

Pros: Google Keyword Planner Tool

Users can now view keyword volume on a hyper-local basis.

This is great for businesses doing local and hyper-local SEO to get a better idea of the volume and competition in their geographic area.

The tool divides keywords up into suggested ad groups; this is designed to be a PPC-focused feature, but does provide some insight into which keywords google deems to be semantically related.

The “multiply keyword lists” feature allows you to search on combinations of words from two different lists.

This allows you to combine your terms with modifiers such as location or color and compare search volume without having to edit it in excel.

Users can filter out keywords below a certain search volume, so you don’t even have to look at them.

Since you have to be logged in to use the tool, users aren’t limited to 100 words like we were with the logged-out version of the old tool.

Cons: Google Keyword Planner Tool

The ability to select broad, phrase or exact match has been removed, only exact match data is now available.

“Average monthly searches” is calculated over 12 months, meaning the keyword planner isn’t a good place to research trending topics.

Use google trends for that.

The option to only search for words closely related to your term has been removed.

However, google has said they will probably add it again maybe in the near future.

Device targeting is gone, no more segmenting volume for desktop vs mobile searches.

This means volume numbers are in general higher for the keyword planner than they were for keyword tool since those two buckets have been combined.

“Local” vs “Global” search volume is no longer displayed, instead, “all locations” is the default, and users must drill down into specific locales for local search volume.

To me, the added functionality around location targeting makes this a mixed blessing, but users will probably miss the easy comparison of seeing local and global side-by-side.

Now let’s come to SEMRush.

SEMrush is a software application that helps businesses run digital marketing methods, like SEO campaigns.

This all-in-one digital marketing program helps you run SEO, pay-per-click (PPC), social media, and material marketing campaigns.

With SEMrush, you can determine patterns that happen within your market niche.

This enables you to understand your page much better, optimize it for SEO and lead generation.

In addition, SEMrush assists you in determining valuable keywords for your campaign.

You’ll discover what keywords your competitors are using and how they rank in the search engines.

It gives you an abundance of insight regarding how you stack up to the competitors.

If you have actually restricted experience, SEMrush makes it easy for you to understand and use SEO.

When you utilize SEMrush software, you will see that it pulls data to assist you in figuring out how you and your competitors’ sites are carrying out.

There are two main ways that SEMrush pulls information.

If you type in a website’s URL into the search bar, you will pull reports on that domain and see keyword selections.

This assists you research your rivals and discover important methods to take on them.

The second method is through producing a project.

SEMrush tasks collects data from outside their database.

How It Is Useful For SEO?

SEMrush toolkits are a mix of different reports and tools that you can tailor to assist you comprehend your campaign better.

When you utilize a toolkit, you have access to a range of reports and tools.

While you may not need each and every single one used, you have the option to personalize your toolkit to fit your service.

To find out the right tools, believe about your plan and your goals.

What are you attempting to attain with your SEO campaign, and what tools would assist you achieve that goal?.

There are toolkits for all methods that SEMrush deals, so you’ll require to select the tools that are best for your campaign.

The most fundamental part is that you choose tools that will assist you monitor your project’s success.

SEMrush offers 4 different strategies.

The cost depends on the strategy you choose and whether you want to utilize a month-to-month or annual strategy.

You can start with a 14-day trial to get a feel for SEMrush and then move on to a paid subscription.

Each bundle provides a technical SEO audit and semantic core collection.

You’ll get access to position tracking functions and analysis of backlinks.

In addition, it will provide you with ideas to help you get more traffic on your website.

If you’re aiming to run your SEO campaign on your own, SEMrush is a fantastic software to use.

When you’re running an SEO campaign, it takes time to reveal outcomes.

You’re left questioning whether your optimizations are working.

With SEMrush, you’ll get insight into your project’s efficiency.

It also tells you how your site is performing.

You’ll see how much traffic you obtain through organic means.

You will also see how you rank for keywords too.

SEMrush will let you know if you’re ranking better or worse for keywords.

This allows you to improve your campaign to keep ranking for your keywords or better your campaign to rank much higher for them.

Keywords selection is an important part of SEO.

You will have the ability to discover important keywords for your campaign with SEMrush.

To discover the best keywords for your campaign, you’ll conduct keyword research study.

This assists you to produce a list of important keywords that your service can utilize.

Normally, you’ll want to focus on long-tail keywords.

These are keywords that consist of three or more words.

With SEMrush, you’ll also be able to determine the keywords your rivals are utilizing.

This offers insight into keywords your organisation may be missing out on so that you can reach important leads.

As you run an SEO project, a huge part of your technique revolves around monitoring your competitors.

For instance, there are dozens of organizations that will compete for the very same keyword, so it’s useful to know which keywords they desire.

This will assist you improve your SEO project, so you can beat them. It’s likewise valuable to find out from your competitors.

They might have keywords that are successfully driving in traffic.

If you understand what they are, you can take benefit of this understanding and implement those keywords into your own plan.

When you know your competitors better, you will create more impactful strategies.

When you acquire important traffic, your next goal should be to keep that traffic.

You don’t desire to go through all the effort to obtain the traffic only to push them away.

It’s crucial that you put effort into keeping your leads engaged and thinking about your page.

SEMrush deals all the tools you require to keep your existing traffic pleased while you draw in brand-new traffic to your page.

Backlinks are an important part of your online presence.

These are links that you obtain from authority websites. They assist in building the authority and trust of your website.

When you get backlinks, you should earn them from trustworthy, authoritative websites.

You will earn better backlinks with SEMrush.

This tool allows you to see where you can make backlinks if you aren’t already making them from a particular authority website.

It’s also an excellent way to see what backlinks your competitors make.

You’ll understand how numerous backlinks they have and can utilize that info to develop a much better strategy for your organization.


The SEMRush keyword research tool provides PPC and SEO information in one view, which can be useful for marketers running SEO programs.

It surfaces up both the root domain and the specific URL that rank for your keyword term in the first 20 slots.

Related and phrase match terms, along with volume, are also served up in an individual keyword’s report.

Keyword volume data comes from the google keyword API, making it one of the more trustworthy sources of keyword volume data.


Users must create a login with a valid email address to use the tool but it’s free.

SERP information doesn’t take into account local, video, carousel or other non-text result types.

Geographic drill down is only available at the country level.

Despite the related and phrase match keyword info, this tool is more effective at researching individual keywords, once you already have them, than it is at generating lots of new keyword ideas.


Judging from what we’ve learned google keyword planner tool is not good for organic search marketing, in the sense that, search volume data is not accurate, it’s impossible to know how many people are clicking to your website and you won’t be  able to figure out your competitor’s behavior.

Competitive analysis is very crucial in google rankings.

Also, certain features are been removed so the functionality of this tool is limited at some point.

SEMRush is far different, it has all the necessary data, and great features a marketer needs, with this tool, it’s easy to outsmart your competitors since it provides better solutions to all your problems.

So I personally recommend SEMRush for anyone who wants to improve in SEO and search engine marketing.

Don’t forget to sign-up here for a 14-day free trial.

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