Google Analytics For Beginners: The Basic Guide

A comprehensive guide to google analytics for beginners

An in-depth knowledge about google analytics will help you learn and understand your customers.

Google analytics helps entrepreneurs track and organize data filters.

google analytics for beginnersIt also helps you to estimate your advertising ROI, sales, funnels, purchases, as well as tracking links, videos, and social networking sites.

Let’s start by knowing how it can help you better your enterprise.

Without wasting too much time, I’ll be walking you through a thorough guide on this subject matter.

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I’ll show you the best way to design and implement an account, organize views and filters, read underlying reports, open dashboards, perform key analysis, build up goals and campaign tracking.

To begin, let’s start by describing “digital analytics” and why it’s so crucial.

In marketing, we have the idea of a purchase funnel. There are various phases within the funnel which describes customer interactions.

google analytics basic funnel

A basic purchase funnel consist of the following:

  1. Acquisition involves building awareness and acquiring user interest
  2. Behavior is when users engage with your business
  3. Conversion is when a user becomes a customer and transacts with your business

It also enhances website user experience. Placing your list builder, social sharing icons and banners at the right places.

google analytics page

In the offline world, this kind of approach can be difficult to figure out. But in the online world, we can determine many diverse conditions of the funnel using this tool.

We can track what online behavior led to purchases and manipulate that data to make informed decisions about how to sign in new and existing clients.

Take for instance an online store like the amazon store. It might have a goal to sell more t-shirts.

Using google analytics, the store could gather and analyze data from their online billing campaigns to see which are most compelling and develop those marketing efforts.


google analytics dashboard

For example, the store could analyze geographical sales data to figure out if people in certain country locations buy a lot of shirts and then run billing campaigns in those areas.

They can also use it to interpret how clients advance through their online shopping cart.

If they observe that clients have problems with a particular step on their website, some slight improvements can be made to resolve the issues.

Different kinds of enterprises (small scale, large scale or corporate) can benefit from using this tool:

  • Publishers can adapt it to build a loyal, highly-engaged target audience and to better align on-site advertising with user interests.
  • Ecommerce enterprises can use the tool to understand customers online purchasing behavior and better market their products and services.
  • Lead generation pages can also gather client report for sales teams to connect with potential leads.

While we’ve mainly talked about sampling data from a site, google analytics can collect behavioral data from an array of systems such as mobile applications, online point-of-sales systems, video game consoles, customer relationship management systems (CRMS), or other internet-connected platforms.

This info is compiled into analytics reports, which you can use to perform in-depth analysis to better know your clients and their purchase journey. Then you can test out new solutions to promote your business.

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