How to Resize Your Facebook Profile Picture Size With Canva Pro

Resizing Facebook Profile Picture Size Using Canva Pro

In recent years, people just used a lightbox camera to snap photos but couldn’t be edited, it appears the way as it looks, color and background is excellent.

Talk about size, the pictures however were larger and there’s no way you can reduce it.

Thanks to modern technology it is easier to change the image to your taste.

facebook profile picture sizeTechnology has somewhat made things simple for us to take all kinds of snapshots and photos of ourselves.

We can edit, resize, design, color and even add texts.

This same image can be uploaded unto any document, be it a CV or birth certificate.

You can also reduce the image to a small size looking exactly like a passport photo.

Back in the days, when social media didn’t exist there was nothing like smartphones too.

Currently, we now have social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. It’s filled with a large number of people from all walks of life.

When you first create an account with any of these social platforms, they request for a picture or an identity.

Each user uploads a picture unto their profile or page within seconds and all you see is yourself but you need to resize it to fit the frame before your face appears clearly, so anyone who views your page can identify you as the real owner of the account.

There are ways to change the sizes of photos to fit your needs, you just need canva pro to do all this.

What’s so good about Canva Pro?

Social media marketers, digital marketers, and content creators use canva to explain their concept.

Canva allows users to make a design in any size and shape that are used on social media platform by just clicking on “create a design”.

It also provides free templates that allows designers to only edit their topic and use it for commercial purposes.

The elements section in canva plays a very important role to design banners with multiple free to use features.

One has to do a “search” on the “elements“ tab on the left side interface and get the desired output.

Besides these elements are such that one is able to change their color and provide as per the idea and imagination.

Simple and easy drag and drop service makes this tool very simple and easy to use for commercial purposes.

Attractive banners, thumbnails for videos, and posters decide the success of any business here on social media.

However, there are limitations on the usage of the elements section as they cannot be sealed on other websites unless they are not created by the user.

The photos section in canva offers a number of photos free for commercial use and that can also be given different effects, filters, and grades.

Canva Pro Resize: Create Beautiful Designs For Your Business

The grid section allows the users to define size, shape, and accuracy of alignment in a few cases like the design of the Instagram carousel.

There are also a variety of frames in the “frames” section of canva that allows to just drag and drop a photo in the frame and it accumulates the photo with accuracy in it.

You can drag the number of photos to the uploads and use it on the design interface.

“Gradients” in the elements section allow users to provide an effect on the overall design to make it look different from other designs present on social media.

Also one is able to select the type of “fonts” “shadow for the text” under effects and color that is available in all forms.

Resizing an Image Using Canva

To Create or open an existing design, refer below for resizing elements:

  • Click the element, textbox, photo, or video that you want to resize.
  • Click Crop from the toolbar above the editor.
  • Click any of the white circle handles on the corners, and drag in or out.
  • Click outside of the selected element to finish.

To have better control in resizing text, use the font size dropdown from the toolbar above the editor.

After you’re done resizing the image, it’s time to re-upload that image to your facebook account until it fits the frame box.

Hope this was helpful!.

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