Facebook Ads Library: 3 Things You Need To Know

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The facebook ads Library is a place where you can search for ads that are running across facebook. You can use it to get information about the ads you see.

You can search for ads that are currently active and running.

Facebook Ads Library

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the new facebook ads library.

Facebook ads libraryHow you can use it to your advantage and the new feature that facebook is working on.

1. Searching For Keywords

On the library page, you can search by the name of the facebook page, a topic or keyword to find what you’re looking for.

Example; we’ll type Telstra, a
major australian telecomm network company.

Select their facebook page from
the list, you can see that Telstra has over 1,500 adverts all tailored, slightly different for various target audiences.

It’s a really good example of knowing your audience and tailoring a message to that audience.

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There are also details about the page, when it was created, how many times it has changed its name.

In each country, the page is being managed from another feature, facebook is currently testing, aiming at helping with transparency during political

By typing in a keyword like election and selecting a country, we can see the adverts with that word and its title or description.

However, facebook is only experimenting thus in a selected number of countries at this stage and that doesn’t include australia.

2. Filtering

You can also select the filter
to show only active adverts by clicking on the “advert”, facebook ads library shows you more info about the advert including the country and advert shown in this case.

In a state like texas, you can also see how many impressions the ads received, how much has been spent on it and also the demographics of who the ad has been shown to.

Looking at political figures in
this case “Donald Trump”, you can see just how much money has been spent here, over 25 million US dollars in total.

Donald J Trump Ads Library

Facebook says that it’s really looking at increasing the transparency of political spending on facebook advertising in the lead-up to elections and really it’s been a bit of a fallout of recent events.

3. Key Analytics in Ads Library

  • Total number of ads in the library
  • Total amount spent on ads
  • Top Searches
  • Spending by campaign page
  • Campaign page name
  • Spending by advertiser
  • Spending by location

What do you think of the new Facebook ads library?

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