Does Amazon Deliver On Sundays? – What You Need to Know

Does Amazon Deliver On Sundays?

This is one of the questions buyers usually ask everyday.

I have personally done some purchases from amazon in certain days and times, and truly speaking, delivery time is really slow during busy working days (mon-frid).

I love to buy all my stuffs on weekends, its not as busy compared to other days.

In fact, this is the perfect timing to get your parcels and packages as quickly as possible right to your door step.

does amazon deliver on sundaysCustomers don’t usually order items during weekends, escpecially on sundays.

So, if I were you, I’ll buy my stuff on saturday, and then set the “delivery date” to Sunday.

This is the surest and fastest way to get your items right on time without any delays.

When you order a product, say on monday, there’s no guarantee that your package will come to you right away. Sometimes it takes 2-3 days before it arrives.

Lots of clients have already placed orders on that same day, and this should tell you things won’t go on smoothly the way you expect.

But thanks to drones, items get to their destination on time with no delays.

Besides, amazon always strives for customer satisfaction.

Picture this, a local courier hub gets around 1000 packages everyday to be dispatched.

If it does not deliver on sundays, the packages which come to the local courier hub on Saturday(which have to be delivered on sundays) and the packages which come to the courier hub on sunday (which has to be sent on monday) accumulates, and it would make it difficult to deliver all of them on monday (because the number of packages would be double).

If this happens, and all 2000 packages were not delivered on monday, customers would contact the customer care and our service levels would not be met.

Hence it delivers on sundays too.

These sets of instructions will help you change the delivery dates to weekends. This will also limit the time frame to business hours (8:00 – 5:00)

Does Amazon Deliver on Sundays? – Yes it does!

Here’s what to do to get your items on time, follow the steps carefully.

1. Go to amazon and select account & lists

does amazon deliver on sundays - account lists

2. Click on Your Account

3. Click on Your Addresses

does amazon deliver on sundays - addresses

4. Choose edit on your TWU address

does amazon deliver on Sundays - procurement services

5. Click on “I can receive packages on Saturday and Sunday”

does amazon deliver on Sundays - weekend delivery6. Check the Saturday & Sunday buttons

7. In the security access code section type the delivery hours. The delivery truck driver can see these instructions.

8. Save your changes

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  1. I don’t remember ever changing my settings but I definitely get Saturday and Sunday deliveries. I will look into it to see if the settings were automatically set that way.

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