Copywriting as a Job: How to Start With No Degree

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Copywriting as a job is very lucrative and fun, one can learn a new skill to better his or her career, no matter the field.

Today’s topic is mainly on how to become a copywriter with no degree or no experience.

Most people decide they want to become a copywriter because they have no;

  • Education
  • Formal training
  • Real skills

And they think, ”  it’s just sitting behind the laptop or maybe working from a beach, start typing some words, post content to rank in search engines, monetize and make money of it.

Well let’s slow down.

The reality is slightly different and you have to work towards that.

So how do you become a Copywriter?

copywriting as a jobWhy do people hire copywriters in the first place?.

Think about the huge amount of content a lot of companies have to put out, a single company would have to put out all this information, including;

  • Ads on TV(that needs scripts).
  • Ads on the internet, such as; google,facebook ..etc.
  • Ads on the radio (that needs scripts).
  • Making brochures for business consumer sale, B2B..etc
  • Designing brochures for each and every product.
  • Forms to fill out for various product lines.
  • Updating their twitter and Facebook page.
  • Make content for the website.
  • Make an about page for the website.
  • Ensure that their content is converting.
  • Write content for each product on the website.
  • Make sure customers know how to sign up.
  • Sending customer packets explaining their new policies.
  • Scripts for the sales personels to follow.
  • Scripts for the Customer support.
  • And writing press releases.

When a company needs all this info, you’ll definitely turn into a copywriter.

And if they don’t have an “in-house copywriter”, they often hire a freelance copywriter.

What can you expect as a freelance copywriter?

There are different ranges of copywriters;

  • Low-end copywriters
  • Medium-end freelance copywriters
  • High-End copywriters

let’s break them down.

1. low-End Freelance Copywriters

They earn somewhere between $3000 – $15000 per year

These people are usually those who already have a Job and are doing it on part-time, the earnings are random.


Furthermore, low-end copywriters don’t take the job too seriously, so they just need a little bit of side income.

2. Medium-End Freelance Copywriters

Makes between $50,000 – $150, 000/year.

These people are the ones that actually call themselves copywriters and they have a reasonable network of people they work with.

This simply means they participate in certain groups like facebook groups, forums, discussion boards etc.. And their primary focus is only on copywriting, nothing else.

Moreover, the medium-end copywriters are also involved in certain industries they’re familiar with and they write for such companies.

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Just getting a few gig every quarter that pays decently well can really make you some good money as a copywriter.

This doesn’t happen for everyone right away.

Just like any other business, you must put in the work and build it.

3. High-End Copywriters

They earn around $300k – $2million/year.

This is so incredible but someone may ask, Is this just by writing copy for customers?

The answer is simply NO!.

This comes on a whole different level altogether. People that are business owners and also copywriters or started off as copywriter and ended as a business owner.

This means, if a product they write copy for has an upside.

They’re often part of the company and get to enjoy the profits.

The other way to parley freelance copywriting career into becoming a highly paid copywriter, is kind of “do what I do”.

  • Become famous for copy
  • Do copywriting all the time
  • Sell copywriting training
  • Become an advisor for lots of companies you help

Also, if any of those companies sell and do well, you get a part of their profits.

In addition, people buy your training you get money. You get employed for personalized help.

So generally speaking, higher-end copywriters have multiple streams of income, not just on upwork doing a couple of gigs here and there.

Remember, running a freelance copywriting business is still running a business, you have to build it up.

Just like if you’re a freelance cairopractor, you must have a network and experience. Having these traits is a big advantage for you to make lots of money.

If there’s no network, and no experience, then expect low profits coming your way.

So if you’re looking to become a copywriter and never worked for any agency, you never worked for big companies like Amazon or Facebook, no experience and no network, then you should start from the scratch.

However, let’s say you already run a marketing agency, and worked for a big brand name company like google in their marketing department.

In that case, if you have that network and the quality of experience, it’s likely google will pay you a decent amount.

How to get Clients as a Freelance Copywriter

This is the most crucial aspect in this segment.

Everyone wants a bunch of high paying clients to fill up their pockets but are not sure where to go from there.

Let’s assume there’s no network and no experience, how are you going to get some copywriting jobs?. Follow these simple strategies;

Get Small Time Gigs

First, you need small time gigs.

For instance, posting on Fiverr that you do copywriting for people at a cheap price. Sometimes $5 and $15 a piece.

You can also go to craiglist and post yourself as a copywriter for hire, and people will probably give you some projects that are relatively low paying.

The other way is to go on marketplaces such as upwork and become a copywriter for hire.

The problem with a lot of these marketplaces is that, people drop out of them really fast.

Because they tend to make a couple of deals here and there, afterwards, they realize a lot of request they get from clients are trying to low-ball or scam them with products they don’t want to get involved with.

Non of these options sounds attractive, but if you want to start from the beginning and work your way up, then you should be ready to embrace all kinds of negativities.

You will be tested, that’s what I mean.

Let’s say your work is to write an article for $10, you may think this offer is way too low, so you decide to give up and move on.

You are getting the whole thing wrong because you’ve not fully gained grounds in the work and you don’t understand the nature of the job.

This is where the majority of copywriters quit doing the job.

Get this in mind that everything starts little by little and you end somewhere bigger, better and stronger.

I can tell you for a fact that most copywriters who started some years ago wrote for clients without charging them.

Now they are the most renowned copywriting stars leading in the industry today, they did it for years and never thought they would rise to this level.

Become Popular for Big Companies

Method 2 for getting freelance copywriting gigs is to become popular for big companies.

Say you worked for amazon in the marketing department, there are other big companies out there that would love your your help.

If you approach these companies and offer your services genuinely to them, you may likely get a good decent amount of money.

Become Popular in a Specific Niche

This is the third option for getting the gigs, lots of low-end copywriters insist on writing articles regardless of any topic.

You must remember that, you are just a beginner and so your goal should be centered on a particular niche, specialize in the field and dominate from here.

For example, if you work with Tech company and did writings for them, you then call yourself “a Tech Writer” because you specialize in the Tech sector.

You will fail if you try to do everything at once, focus on one thing and become a master.

Like the IP MAN kung-fu master who learned Wing Chun for years, he used this one skill to beat any martial artist.

Copywriting is pretty much lucrative, you can use your past level of experience for a freelancing career.

However, this is an added advantage because, you gain more experience than someone who just left college with a degree.

So if there’s no job after graduating from college, your freelancing skill can bring some food to the table, and there’s more chance for you to get hired really quick.

Become Popular in the Copywriting Community

There’s multiple ways to do this, and it’s usually very slow, moreover, in the long run, you can build to become an authority figure in copywriting.

To achieve this, you must join groups, participate, go to conferences and make good contributions.

Finally, answer questions when someone needs help with their work. This way, you’ll rise above your other counterparts.

Last but not the least, the shortcut to gain authority in copywriting is applying the skill to a previous business you already own.

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