Careers at Pinterest: How to Find Your Dream Job

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Careers at Pinterest: Finding Your Dream Job (Advice & Tips)

Everyone wants to pursue his or her dream career in life

At a point in time we find ourselves in a void of emptiness and confusion.

You ask yourself, where do I start from?, Where do I go?, Is this career perfect for me?.

careers at pinterestWe all need the best guidance to lead us through successfully, it’s really hard though when decision plays a vital role.

Choosing a career sometimes can be hard but not too difficult.

Let me use myself as an example.

Back in the early 90’s, I dreamed of becoming a medical doctor, this was my passion.

I took this path because my parents knew I was a good student, I studied really hard in school and performed well than my other counterparts.

After 4 years of studying in high school, I was admitted into the University to pursue Applied Chemistry(a Chemical Engineering Related Course).

Actually, this is not what I wanted.

In my first semester, I went to seek for career guidance and counseling from a renowned professor, he explained all the career related opportunities within this field of study.

It was really quiet interesting and I took all his advice.

In this article, we are going to talk about some tips that will help in choosing your career.

Career guidance is very essential, most especially when you have no idea about your field for the first time.

We are always concerned about how wide the job market is, and the monetary aspect.

We should look at the potential within ourselves, the skill set we have, and then judge from this perspective to see if we are a good fit for the Job.

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Don’t go in for the money, Go for knowledge

Knowledge is power, once you have it, you can solve any problem.

And likewise money also does the same, both can not do without the other.

Let’s weigh each on a balance scale and determine which one is more valuable.


Money can be good at times, it’s a motivation for every worker and individual, your needs and wants should be met.

Your body needs energy to survive, cloths to attend meetings, a car for your ups and downs (punctuality is very crucial at this point), and also furthering your education to get a masters degree or PhD.

Having a higher degree can be an added advantage if you have the resources to acquire the certificates.

This can also put you in a good position where necessary, however, this is not always the case.

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If you have this trait, that is a bonus.

Companies are searching for qualified persons with a collective experience of not less than 3 years.

You can have all the best degrees, but if your “worth” is not well proven, then consider yourself not ready for the job.

It will be very difficult to convince the employer to hire your services.

You can’t compete your level of degree with someone who is knowledgeable and has good experience in the field, competition is very keen these days.

Today, the job market is not interested in “papers” anymore.

Employers are more enthusiastic about what you know and the problems you can solve.

Furthermore, if you want your employer to hire you, try to be conversant with your field.

Discover more in other related fields too, this can help spot your weaknesses.

Name Your Price

Once you have the skill set, it is not in your own authority to name the price.

The quality of skills you posses will tell how much you will be paid for your services.

Companies use this kind of strategy to screen lots of applicants, so just be on guard, proving your worth should be your main focus.

Experience Is What We Are After

Every worker wants to gain an in-depth knowledge and some additional experience about the field, irrespective of his or her educational background.

We all work for someone because we want to learn and discover new things from expertise in a new environment, that’s the main reason.

Always remember that, you are not after the money, you want something more valuable to add to your traits, just for the purpose of recommendation!.

Your boss may be working on a new project but is seeking for the right person to fit in that position.

Appeal to him quickly but don’t be in a rush. This could be the doorway to a new opportunity, who knows.

I’ve compiled some tips for job seekers, just to help them secure their dream position.

While there are hundreds of job postings online, you can apply for, it’s difficult to find the right position that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Before you do your job search or find careers at pinterest, here are some few tips;

1. Identify your skill sets

Many people start their job search by looking at the job titles that sound most fitting to their career goals.

2. Get clear on what you want

Before starting your job search, take the time to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses and the type of work you enjoy doing.

3. Utilize online resources and company websites

Thanks to the internet, looking for a job today goes far beyond asking a friend and searching for an opening in the newspaper.

Now companies use their website to advertise job openings, and job search platforms can also help you identify opportunities.

4. Research your target companies

Once you know what you want, it’s time to find out what the companies you’re applying for wants. A great tip for finding a new job is to investigate a company’s Glassdoor page.

5. Tailor your resume to each job

Your resume is still one of the most critical tools for a job search.

A lot of resumes I see are full of responsibilities (instead of tangible achievements) and jobseekers send the same resume to various openings.

Hope this was helpful, wish you all the best of luck in your job search.

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