8 Best Social Apps For Marketing: Do You Know Them?

The Best Social Apps For Marketing

Talking of social media apps, there are quite a few which we already know and I’m not going to mention them here.

They are the best so far and people are loving it.

best social media apps for marketingThere are other apps which are also considered to be social media apps which you didn’t know.

A typical example is Buffer App.

It is a content scheduling app and a social media management tool for marketers.

If you have a business page on any of the social platforms, buffer will help manage everything for you.

Social media apps is a must-have for everyone, it is good for managing your social platforms.

Before we start, I’ll be giving out the best apps, software, and websites that are practical.

Let’s jump right in.

1. Hootsuite

So the first tool that I use, literally every single day is hootsuite.

Simply because, I use it to post content on Facebook and twitter, this looks complex, but you’ll get used to it from the start.

I use hootsuite as a way to listen to what people are saying, schedule tweets, check direct messages, and manage multiple accounts.

The good side of it is that, you can manage different accounts, events and fan pages on the platform.

With hootsuite app, you can do a lot more, it’s one of my top tools.

Great on iPad, iPhone or android, suitable with desktop, and laptop too.

2. Afterlight

Do photo editing with your mobile device on the go, of course you want to be doing a lot of images for social media like instagram and Pinterest.

Images work great on twitter, and of course facebook, and other platforms.

Use this app to sharpen and brighten photos.

You’ve got a full range of effects, that are a lot more in-depth than a lot of apps, sharpening, brightness and contrast.

There are filters that go far beyond what you get with instagram and just inside of there, as well as some other ways to crop your photos.

I highly really recommend getting Afterlight. You can get it for like a dollar, and it helps make your photos look great.

3. Instapicframe

If you ever wanted to create collage-type effects where you have two images, it is broken into four, and really, a storyteller for instagram and facebook.

It seems to be the most robust that I’ve seen, and you can get into some of your old projects and different things.

There are a lot of different tools out there, but if you’re looking for a good collage with a variety of arrangements on how you can outline your photo as far as arranging the photos that you’re going to include, easy to use.

4. ShareAs Image

I only use it on desktop or laptop, and right inside of google chrome, I have it installed, and this is what it does.

I just copy this “social is in our DNA” from hootsuite page, and it pops up and gives you the ability to create really cool, text quote images right in your browser.

You can use patterns on there, add a few different filters to the image to give it maybe a different vibe, and add a watermark that could be your brand, event or your logo.

After that, you share it or save it. There’s a free version and I recommend trying it.

Just put it in google chrome and you can create some cool images.

It just gives you the standard resolution, but you can get a high-definition if you check out the pro version especially for event promotion, where you want to post a lot of quotes from speakers in a way for various social platforms.

5. Iconosquare

This was formerly called statogram, it is a way to interact with instagram online, if you’re using a laptop or computer, you’ll know that instagram is just not a very friendly platform.

I mean, you can view, but not really do a lot.

The cool thing about iconosquare is that, it allows you to do things such as writing comments on other instagram posts each time the feed updates.

Instagram is becoming a huge deal, and you can start seeing your love rate, the spread rate of your images, but I mean, you literally can dive into how many new followers you’re getting and see trends of your account’s growth.

You can also use it to find info for different clients, events, and businesses such as your most liked media, most commented, posting habits, the lifespan, and even your top-used tags.

Iconosquare helps you to level up your instagram game and get some data, feedbacks, as well as comments and follow hashtags.

There’s a lot of power in iconosquare.

6. Getresponse

I personally use it for email marketing and might not really be a social media tool directly, but it is absolutely important in your social media efforts, eventually you get to building an email list and kind of capturing your audience all in one place, I would highly recommend that.

So getresponse is a great email marketing software. Start your free trial here!.

7. Mailchimp

This is also another email marketing service and I’m pretty sure you’re quiet familiar with it.

I like getresponse a thousand times better than Mailchimp just for the better auto-responder features, and more dynamic things that you can do.

If you want to just start building your email
list as a beginner, you can also consider mailchimp which is easy and simple to use.

However, mailchimp has a great feature which I think you’ve not tried it yet.

Did you know that you can use mailchimp’s rss feed to post content directly to your facebook page?

Yes, it is easy, just link your facebook page with mailchimp’s RSS technology, it pulls all the posts from your blogs feed to mailchimp, re-schedules all the content and then publishes them straight to your facebook page.

This is an added advantage.

8. Adobe Creative Cloud

This is where I do all my video, audio and photo editing, adobe premiere, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Audition, are the main ones that I focus on.

There’s definitely a whole host of apps that also give you access to website building, Illustrator, InDesign.

I use lightroom for bulk editing of photos and it is definitely a powerhouse set of tools, and eventually you’re creating content graphically.

After effects like intro, outro and all kinds of motion graphics.

It is a monthly subscription, but as far as the tool set for the heavy lifting of content creation for social media, creative cloud is awesome.

Canva Pro is an online graphic design tool that makes it easy for you to create professional designs together with premium features like brand kit, background remover, and more.
Achieve more for just USD 9.99/month, for up to 5 people (on a yearly plan). Start your free trial now.

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