12 Best AI Content Creation Tools For Blog Writing, Copywriting, Marketing and SEO

The 12 Best AI Content Creation Tools

According to estimates, about ninety percent of people use word processing.

Writing is such a popular and important activity that if the application of the computer’s power can aid the composing process it might make a significant contribution to the quality of learning.

Many common features of word-processing packages make them intuitively appealing.

best ai content creation toolsTheir ability to easily insert, delete, and replace text would seem to facilitate writing and revision. These capabilities certainly account for the use of word-processing packages as productivity tools in business.

While this last fact, by itself, may justify the inclusion of computers in the writing curriculum, it does not address the professional role that computers may play in the improvement of writing.

This raises important questions about writing, computers and artificial intelligence:

  • What are the cognitive needs of amateur writers?.
  • Do word processors provide the kind of help that is particularly useful to those struggling with their writing?.
  • Are there other ways to use computers and AI to aid the writing process, particularly for amateur writers?.

In this post, we will get to know the cognitive processes of writing, capabilities and limitations of computers and AI.

Cognitive processes of writing: Expert versus Amateurs

Research on the differences between amateurs and expert writers comes out of the larger body of research on the writing process.

Over the years, several researchers have observed writers, as they compose, develop and refine a cognitive model of the writing process.

The traits of cognitive writing process are flexibility, recursive movement between planning, translating, and reviewing.

While in the planning stage, for example, the writer may translate the plans into text, and revise the plans.

These processes are also hierarchical. For example, while working on a mid-level goal of writing a catchy opening, the writer may translate this into the lower-level goal of writing the first sentence.

The process is constrained by information in long-term memory such as topic relevant information, knowledge and expectations of audience, and grammatical rules and rhetorical strategies.

It is also constrained by limited capacity in short-term memory. For example, using short-term memory for non-automated skills related to grammar reduces the space that is available for planning and rhetorical analysis. If capacity is reached, ideas may be lost, goals may be forgotten, and performance will deteriorate.

Despite the reliability of this general model, important differences have emerged in studies that have compared expert writers and beginners.

Depending on the study, beginners may be those whose writing is judged to be of poorer quality. Experts may be those judged to have better compositions, this includes adult writers, writing teachers, and professional writers. All of these writers can be aligned along a line of writing experience.

Experienced writers have more knowledge, skill, and strategies mentioned above, and with increased experience these become more automatized and make fewer demands on short-term memory.

Differences in experience also result in characteristic patterns of cognitive behavior during writing that distinguish between more and less experienced writers.

Amateur writers and the ways AI writing tools might help them are the focus of this post.

Traits of Amateur Writers and Expert Writers

One of the most distinctive characteristics of amateur writers is that they oversimplify the representation of the task.

Consequently, beginners have few cues to use in effectively searching their long-term memory. This representation also gives them few criteria to use in sorting the information they retrieve and as a result almost everything that amateurs recall appears in the text.

While experienced writers may represent an assignment as “establishing the benefits of my position to readers likely to hold the opposing view to mine,” beginners may see the same task as “writing down my position on this topic.”

This pattern is referred to as ‘knowledge telling.” Beginners have vague top level goals and spend more time at lower level goals, dealing with the surface structure of the text. Thus, they are text-bound, reluctant to jump from surface or word levels to more global decisions.

Experts, on the other hand, tend to formulate the task in terms of two, sometimes dissonant, sets of problems and goals: those related to topical ideas and those related to their expression in the text. The richness of this representation provides more probes for memory search.

But more importantly, the dialectic between content issues and rhetorical issues results in the reciprocal translation of intentions into text and text into intentions, a pattern referred to as knowledge transformation.

As a result, experts generate much more content than will appear in the final product. They also make more sentences and theme level changes based on inconsistencies between their text and their intentions, and their revisions are more likely to change the meaning of the composition.

AI Writing Environments

Even the most sophisticated of the current writing tools rely heavily on prompting as their primary instructional strategy. Yet, less skilled learners are likely to require more instructional support than this.

AI writing software designed for beginners may need to understand the difficulty a beginner is having and give advice that specifically addresses this difficulty.

This capability is normally associated with artificial intelligence, and there are two ways that AI is used to develop writing environments:

  • One focuses on the written product.
  • The other focuses on the writing process.

Both of these approaches are still in the early development stages.

What You Should Know About AI Writing Tools

Most AI tools are for content marketing purposes, copywriting, blog writing and others, needed to complete certain tasks.

AI writing software which are effective for experienced writers may not work for those still developing their writing skills. Such tools will be more effective if they activate the task-relevant cognitive skills that writers already have while they model and support those cognitive processes and skills the writers lack.

This then is the essential tension embedded in the symbiotic relationship between tool and user: are the skills needed to employ the capabilities of the tool already available within the learners, and do the capabilities of the tool provide enough support for learners who are still developing their skills?.

What you should understand is that, AI writing tools have different writing capabilities that are already within experts, the only limitation is it can’t write as much as experts do.

AI writing tools are software programmed with algorithmic functions and sets of instructions, when prompted, it can only write what you command.

Bear in mind that some are not only for just writing content but also for copywriting and marketing purposes. It is important to know each of them and how they work before judging the quality and it’s usefulness.

Here are 12 essential AI content creation tools.

1. Jarvis AI

Jarvis.ai writing assistant formerly known as Conversion AI makes it fast and easy to write content for your blog, social media, website copy and more.

With Jarvis AI you can scale up content five times faster.

Jarvis allows you to choose from over 50 different writing skills. If you want to write about a product, simply enter the keyword and command Jarvis with a single click to write content for you. Since Jarvis already has read about 10% of the internet, it knows all about your niche, and is trained by expert marketers to write emotional persuasive copy.

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Activating the boss mode helps you to write high-quality blog content fast so that you can save more time. This allows you to command Jarvis directly in documents. Jarvis writes original content that is plagiarism-free, optimized for SEO, and drives sales.

That’s why Jarvis is rated five stars in over 1000 reviews.

Get started now at jarvis.ai.

Jarvis has become one of the most popular tools in marketing because it can be used to create all kinds of content, YouTube hooks and outlines and descriptions, all the way to long-form blog content.

Jarvis offers many templates that makes it easy to create short form content. The boss mode is the perfect tool for creating long form content but it can be tricky for beginners.

Try Jarvis now starting with a free trial.

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2. Autowriter AI

Content is the most influencing thing in the world right now. Writing a unique copy that connects and resonates with your audience is not an easy thing to do. You will have to spend a lot of time on it or hire a very good copywriter and a content marketing specialist who really knows SEO, both will cost you time and money. But now, you can create content with minimum efforts.

Autowriter can generate unique content giving you multiple options to choose from in few simple steps.

Autowriter is used for generating content in a fast and easy way, using artificial intelligence technology. It has tools for blog writing, e-commerce product descriptions and also generate high quality content within seconds. Autowriter has a website copy where you can generate headlines, sub-headlines, optimize your web content for SEO and good for checking plagiarism within your content.

The ads tool feature, helps with your marketing efforts and content writing needs, for social media marketing purposes, autowriter generates social media posts automatically for you without necessarily crafting them by yourself.

Try the magic of autowriter, start your free trial today.

3. Kafkai

Kafkai AI content generator will change how you create content for your websites, no more staring at your screen trying to come up with your next blog post.

No more editing and doing quality checks for articles you’ve ordered, where it used to be a weekly delivery of purchased articles.

With kafkai you can have your articles instantly anytime of the day, whether you’re a marketer, business owner or a writer, your next article is a potential bottleneck on your to-do list.

Inside the kafkai dashboard you can select the niche you want to write about. There’s also the advanced function which gives you more control on your topic.

All you have to do is enter a keyword of the product you want to write about and with one click of a button, kafkai will generate the content built on the title and keyword phrase.

With this feature you can create content that’s more relevant to your topic, this helps give your website more diverse high quality content.

kafkai does not use static model for generation which means that for each generated article you can give it a score and rate the content, this makes kafkai learn and improve, meaning that you’re not always getting the best articles but also each time you want to generate a content kafkai writes better than the previous. So if you do get a bad article kafkai will learn from it’s recent mistakes and errors.

kafkai is for everyone who has ever written or ordered their articles whether you’re working on your own blogs, handling a few clients or managing an entire portfolio.

kafkai allows you to write articles faster than ever, it uses an actual machine learning algorithm that creates articles from scratch so you get 100 unique articles.

Sign up for a free trial and start doing more with kafkai today.

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4. Inkforall

Inkforall editor is a word processing app that gives you a deep insight into how your content will perform on search engines and what you need to do to improve your work.

With Ink SEO content writing tool, it analyzes your work against competing sites to give you the best chance of ranking for your chosen keywords.

Mainly, INK helps you keep a balance between content quality and optimization.

Anyone can use INK, it is accessible and open to everyone, making it useful. Whether you’re just taking down notes or want to optimize your content to dominate an online market, INK can help you. It has a unique scoring system that gives users insight into how well their content will perform and exactly how they can improve their work.

let’s say you’re a content marketer who wants to write a blog post that ranks for the most searched terms within a specific niche. You can use INK to write and optimize your content, all on one platform, making it easier than ever to boost your next marketing campaign.

If you’re just looking for an AI writing tool that lets you write in a comfortable and easy way, INK can help you. Using INK’s word tasks toolbar and text composition feature, you can take a deep dive into your work, letting you understand your writing style and where you can improve. It can help any writer, regardless of their experience.

INK gives you the ability to make your content the best it can be, all on one platform.

Whether you need a spellchecker, image editor, or insight into how your content will perform.

Want to start a content marketing campaign to corner your niche market?. Get started with Ink.

When you use INK, it doesn’t fix issues with your content, it shows you how to make it better. One of the hardest aspects of writing online content is knowing whether people will read it or whether it will rank.

INK’s unique AI takes all of the mystery out of that question.

Ink’s content relevance scoring system takes every aspect of your content into account, from reading level to topical completeness, and gives you a simple score showing you how well it will perform.

This boils down to all the important factors of content writing and does away with all the mystery.

With INK, you can finally get a full idea of how to make your content the best it can be. What I like about Ink is that, once you learn how to use the software, you can write blog posts, add proper meta title, description, ALT tags, and save them formatted the way you want it to show up on your website.

One problem with INK is the configuration options for the INK for all wordpress plugin that is frustrating at times.

Try INK today for free, and join the next SEO revolution.

5. Writesonic

There are lots of article generators today. That said, writesonic might be the right choice for you if not the best. While all of these article creators have their pros and cons, writesonic has the most features.

Writesonic has the capability to create:

  • Content ideas
  • Blog intros
  • Emails
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Product Descriptions
  • Growth Ideas

The tool is similar to snazzy AI, which was also launched recently. However, snazzy hasn’t introduced full articles yet, which gives writesonic an advantage today.

With so many article-writing services on the market, what makes writesonic stand out from the rest?.

Writesonic is an AI-powdered content marketing assistant that makes it easy for you to compose high-performing landing pages, ads, and product descriptions.

It is also an AI text generator that goes through a series of diagnostic and prescriptive measures to help businesses create engaging, audience-focused content. It’s base code has been fleshed out to provide more features, including automatic full blog post writing.

Writesonic’s AI has been trained on high-performing copy from the top brands. It knows what converts and how to write copy that resonates with your audience.

Writesonic is an easy-to-use, universal article-making software. Something that bloggers and freelance writers could use.

Sign up for a free trial

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6. Copysmith

Copysmith is a tool that helps with copywriting, it automatically generate high-performing product descriptions, ad copy, SEO meta tag, sales email, taglines, landing pages, and blog posts.

It is a well-developed tool that uses state of the art machine learning to help you with creating a high-performing copy in seconds, not hours.

With this tool, you don’t have to spend much time anymore brainstorming ideas for copywriting. The tool will help you quickly and efficiently do that, manage, and evaluate copy all in the same place.

The tool makes use of Open AI’s GTP-3 to automatically generate the text based on your keywords. The good thing about the content generated is that you can export them as CSV and it can be put on eighty five percent auto-mode with ninety percent linguistic accuracy.

Copysmith integrates well with shopify, wordpress, and Gmail. It will be of great help to you if you’re already familiar with using Google ads.

Lastly, copysmith offers a sleek and pretty much intuitive user interface with simple navigation that wouldn’t require putting yourself on a steep learning curve.

View copysmith pricing plans.

7. Rytr

Rytr is a social media content marketing tool. It helps brands and agencies to create social media content that performs.

With Rytr, you can Generate native posts, images, videos with guaranteed engagement and relevance.

Rytr is the future of customer service. Once you load it up on screen and select the relevant feature it asks for your business information and from there it handles all of your customer service needs. It will also give you insights into how best to interact with customers based on their previous chats.

It also an AI-powdered marketing assistant that helps in writing blog posts and articles to managing your social media channels. You can even setup an automated marketing campaign to generate high ROI leads. For example, you can create a personalized Facebook ad in just a few clicks, optimize your Google AdWords account or make your messages more engaging by predicting what people would like to read.

Create Rytr account and start your free trial today.

8. Longshot AI

Longshot AI is a long-form content generation tool that generates high performing and creative content using artificial intelligence, while saving time and money. All set out to be a leader in marketing technology.

Never worry about your content marketing again. Longshot has taken the power of AI and used it to produce mind-blowing content that gets optimized for SEO.

How longshot works:

  • Generates SEO-optimized, high-converting blog articles from topic research, to headline, outline and full blog.
  • Extends the text, rephrase, generate FAQs and get blog synopsis.
  • Recommends images for your generated articles with image generation AI.
  • Perfect for content marketers and copywriters who run short of time on writing long-form copy.

Longshot AI Pricing: Normally you would pay up to $948/year, but for a limited time only you can get lifetime access starting at $79 one-time.

Try longshot today.

9. Copy AI

We all know how much time it takes to create content, and when you’re juggling between writing for your blog, social media, landing pages, ads, emails, and videos.

That’s why Copy.ai is built to do all this work for you.

Copy.ai is for automating content creation, it gives a comprehensive framework for anyone to start publishing regularly on any website.

Copy.ai is an AI-powered copywriting toolbox that enables every writer to unlock their full potential as a professional writer. It empowers you to generate high-quality content on-demand with an eye towards increasing your revenue per article by creating the best possible experience for your target audience.

Copy.ai is a creative copywriting tool for all your marketing needs. Elevating your copywriting skills to the next level, Copy.ai will help you create top-notch writing that is more persuasive. While users have been writing content for years, Copy.ai is the first tool designed to help them write copy on-demand.

Copy.ai text generator creates marketing copy for you. You write a basic description of your brand or topic and we’ll write the rest. Use it to generate social media posts, blog posts, product descriptions, articles, press releases, new ideas, and much more.

Copy.ai is a must-have tool for any content creator. It unifies all your creative tools in one place, simplifying the entire creative process. Your ideas are captured on your computer, synced with your own edits, and then automatically edited to ensure they’re all perfect.

Get started with Copy.ai

10. Smartwriter

Smartwriter is a completely automated personalization platform that creates engaging, personalized cold emails. They provide all the strategies and tips on how to grow your business, helps you generate more leads and good ROI in all your marketing campaigns using hyper-personalized AI outreach.

Smartwriter can be used in many ways to create high converting personalized outreach messages and copy to skyrocket your ROI.

Smartwriter AI tool helps maintain your professional presence in a way that boosts your outreach and creates personalized emails.

For the pricing plans you can start a 14 day free trial with no credit card required and cancel anytime, then upgrade later to any of these packages depending on your marketing needs.

Smartwriter comes with three different pricing plans, just choose the one that falls within your budget.

11. Closerscopy

Closerscopy is an AI-powered copywriting software which helps beginner and professional copywriters to write persuasive sales letters, ads and email campaigns to turn readers into customers. It uses Google GPT-3 AI to help you write better copy.

Closerscopy comes with an ever-growing hand-curated library of copy templates that have been proven to work. It is simple to select a template and replace the highlighted text.

It designed to help beginners create professional fill in the blanks templates. Sales letter and email templates are among the list available along with headline generator you can use to send out to your mailing lists.

Closerscopy can be used with SEO tools like outranking. Also, for grammar and spelling support tools linguix is amazing.

Thousands of copywriters, advertisers and business owners write their copy with Closerscopy — the most advanced platform for copywriters who close the sale at the speed of thought.

Do you want a lifetime package?. Grab this offer now.

12. AI-writer

AI-Writer is the most absolute content generation platform, using state-of-the-art AI writing models to generate articles from just a headline.

Talk of delivering quality research, you need innovative research skills to outsmart your competitors.

AI-writer will help you deliver accurate and quality content with verifiable list of sources.

With AI-writer, you can save more time and concentrate on high-ROI projects and do more meaningful work, this is simply because time factor is crucial in business, and that’s what you need to generate revenue.

Content marketing works if your articles reaches the right audience. AI-Writer is engineered with high SEO performance in mind. Because SEO drives organic traffic, and traffic drives revenue.


The use of AI writing tools has been an important addition to writing and marketing as well, an addition that has introduced entrepreneurs, bloggers, marketers, and writers to tools they will use in their professional careers. Beyond AI writing software, there is a growing menu of tools that are designed to facilitate idea generation, planning, and revision. These can be profitably used to evoke and to support the emerging skills of more advanced writing.

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