Apple Pay Vs Google Pay Vs Samsung Pay: Which One Is Better?

Apple Pay Vs Google Pay Vs Samsung Pay

Mobile payment systems want to free us from cash and cards but are they ready to replace your wallet and which one is best?.

Apple and Google uses NFC (near field communication) to make a payment where you tap your phone on a terminal.

Most newer terminals come equipped with NFC but not all samsung pay uses NFC and a technology called magnetic secure transmission.

When you hold the phone to a terminal it sends a signal that simulates the magnetic strip on a card, this means it works with older terminals and all three let you make a limited number of payments even when there’s no signal.

Apple pay works on other apple products like the iPad and watch. Google pay will work with newer android phones and watches, and samsung pay is also on some gear watches, they also work online.

Apple pay has browser payments in safari and in several apps just confirm with your fingerprint or your face and you’re done.

Google pay vs Samsung pay – Is google pay safeGoogle pay just rolled out browser payments as well in chrome, safari and firefox but not many online stores use it yet. Google and samsung pay also work on sites that use visa checkout if you’re shopping on your phone.

Is Google Pay Safe?

It is unsafe to use google pay without a bank account.

With google pay, no UPI guarantees fraud free service .

Almost all have been infested at one time so risk is always there. When your credit card can be compromised even when it remained with you all the while these UPIs are not immune to hacks.

If you want to know more then find the answers here.

Apple pay cash lets you send money to friends through iMessage and split the bill google’s version is called google pay cent as you might expect only apple users can send money to each other but google lets you send money to android or iOS users or through your computer.

Mobile payment systems uses a method called tokenization to keep card details secure once you add your cards to the app it generates a virtual account number and your real card number is never given to the merchant if your phone is stolen, all three allows you to wipe your device remotely which will remove your virtual wallet right along with it.

But is your phone ready to replace your wallet?.

I’ve tried using google pay, apple pay and samsung pay to do purchases and find out which one can buy more stuffs.

Apple Pay Vs Google Pay Vs Samsung Pay

I’ve tested all three, check out the following purchases I did.

Coffee Shop

  • Apple pay: 0
  • Google pay: 0
  • Samsung pay: 1


  • Apple pay: 1
  • Google pay: 1
  • Samsung pay: 2

Candy Store

  • Apple pay: 1
  • Google pay: 1
  • Samsung pay: 3

Transit Tickets

  • Apple pay: 0
  • Google pay: 0
  • Samsung pay: 0

Flower Shop

  • Apple pay: 2
  • Google pay: 2
  • Samsung pay: 4


After testing all three, samsung pay clearly won this challenge. So we can finally say that samsung pay is reliable and trusted.

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