8 Unique Benefits Of Amazon Keyword Search Tool

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Amazon sellers are aggressively competing with each other in the market these days, big sellers often times adapt a strategy to beat the smaller ones. Did you know that these gurus are using a tool known as the amazon keyword search tool?

Competition is inevitable everywhere, whether be it, online marketing or a small business you run yourself,  competitors are always spying on you.

amazon keyword search toolWe all know amazon to be the largest market with thousands of products, people go there to shop and buy many things.

But as a marketer or seller for this company, you don’t know which product gets the most searches and reviews.

So which tool do we use in this case to analyze these activities?

The perfect tool for this job is using amazon keyword search tool.

Let’s say you want to look out for a product that has more:

  • Buyers
  • Ratings
  • Reviews
  • Searches
  • Visits

These metrics will provide us with accurate data to help us find how many customers are shopping for a specific product.

With this idea in mind, we can then carefully select the best niche or a certain category then we start promoting.

The majority of amazon associates make the mistake of not doing a thorough market research before choosing a product.

Consequently, they loose a lot of revenue for not implementing and executing the right ideas for their amazon affiliate business.

It very important that, every amazon associate must learn to make good use of this keyword search tool to achieve great success.

Currently, millions of people use amazon for online shopping and buying items they like.

If you are an associate, you might wonder – what products are people buying?.

Whether you are an amazon affiliate or Amazon FBA seller, Keyword Tool can help buyers find your products easier.

The amazon keyword search tool is a free tool we use to generate long tail keywords directly from amazon in real-time.

Additionally, it also uses amazon’s autocomplete service to look for popular long tail keywords straight from amazon.

What is Amazon’s Autocomplete service?

It is a technical term we use to find ideas when searching for products on amazon.

This service is designed to accelerate your search interaction by trying to anticipate what you are searching for on amazon.

What does it do?

With amazon keyword search tool, you can generate tons of keywords in one click.

Thousands of sellers worldwide trust this tool.

Besides, it helps you to generate relevant long tail keywords using amazon search suggest function.

When you start typing in the Amazon search box, you will start seeing search suggestions.

Amazon utilizes complex algorithms to predict what products would be the best match for the keyword you enter into the search.

How does it generate keywords?

Keyword tool uses this amazon feature to generate hundreds of long-tail keywords for amazon keyword optimization in seconds.

Keyword tool takes the seed keyword that you specify, places it into the amazon search box and appends it with different letters and numbers.

Then, keyword tool pulls all the keyword suggestions generated by amazon and presents it to you in a straightforward and elegant manner.

All the processes happen behind the scenes and take mere seconds.

Understanding Amazon’s A9 Algorithm

Just like the other search engines that indexes search terms based on relevancy, amazon is a slightly different.

It has its own way of arranging products into the search query based on keywords.

However, the amazon A9 algorithm treats keywords a little differently as a result of customer intent trends.

Amazon’s search results vs other search engines

First, let’s get this straight when it comes to search volume.

Using how often people search for a term on google or other search engines alone to make decisions on amazon is an illogical thought process, and here’s why:

While search volume is absolutely crucial when selecting keywords to target, it’s the client’s objective that makes a massive impact.

Why people are searching is just as important as how often in a month.

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Amazon shoppers are more likely to use feature-based and product-centric search queries, so keywords that provides the key features of your product is a compelling strategy for attracting buyers.

Like any business, amazon wants to max purchases on its platform as much as possible, and that directly affects ranking products for keyword searches.

Amazon’s search algorithm
arrange products with a strong sales history through high CTR and conversion rates (CR) to rank product listings that are most relevant to customer search queries.

Conclusively, the better your product sells, the quicker your product will rise through the
rankings to page one and get highest visibility from clients looking for your product.

Why use amazon keyword search tool?

  • Amazon is the largest online shopping marketplace in the world, over 200million people visit the site every 24hrs.
  • It has more than 100 million Amazon Prime members and netted over US$170 billion in sales in 2017. This is why this e-commerce giant is a gold mine for amazon FBA sellers and affiliates.
  • If you are able to grab the attention of just a fraction or percentage of the millions of visitors on amazon, that’s a huge reward!. It is not easy but definitely possible.
  • Amazon is a great place for sellers, but also highly competitive.
  • You need to start by selling good products and provide great value to clients.
  • The best way to increase your chances of getting a sale is to making sure that, customers can easily search and find your product on amazon.
  • You will need to use relevant keywords and optimize your amazon listing well.
  • When your amazon product is optimized well, more shoppers will be able to easily find your amazon page.
  • And this increases your chances of getting many sales. This can be easily done with Amazon keyword search tool. Just enter a keyword related to the product you are selling and the tool will give hundreds of amazon search terms and will show you how often people are looking for them.

Common Keyword Research Mistakes

Amazon keyword research is arguably just as vital as any other step to running an your amazon business.

There are a few mistakes that if you ignore can put your business at high risks and disadvantages:

  • Using tools with unreliable data – Many amazon software tools use keyword data from other search engines. Not only are search volumes distinct on amazon, but search intent is different as well. Be sure to use
    Amazon-specific tools when making decisions.
  • Duplicating your competitor’s listing – Copying your competitor’s listing is a lazy work, it can land you into deep trouble. Feel free to take inspiration from gurus who you aspire to emulate, but make sure to create a unique listing with  original content. No one
    likes a copycat, including amazon.
  • Focusing only on Major Keywords – Instead of concentrating your efforts
    on the no;1 keyword phrase in your niche, don’t be timid to go after phrases with less search volume. These key phrases are often neglected by your larger competitors and give smaller sellers a great chance to enter the market.

The 8 Unique Benefits:

  1. You can optimize your product listings with this free tool.
  2. Tailor make your listings for the sole purpose of being heard better.
  3. Outsmart your competitors and make better sales with the right keywords.
  4. Sellerapp’s keyword tool helps you understand what are the best keywords to use in your listing by giving adequate data for making this decision.
  5. Uncover the most profitable and highly specific keywords that help buyers find what you are selling.
  6. Additionally, find the most appropriate keywords that will assist you rank better in searches and also get conversions.
  7. Moreover, this tool can also pull hundreds of long tail keywords from search queries.
  8. With the option to filter keywords for a specific niche, the keywords are tailor-made to the marketplace you are selling in.

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