Affiliate Disclosure

I’ve always believed in integrity and transparency on the web, so I’m disclosing that I’ve included certain links into every product or service on my blog.

If you click on any of them, I receive commissions at no cost to you for any purchases you make here.

This site is developing and at this point it’s impossible for me to go back and list each program I have a partnership with.

Given this, assume that any link leading you to a product or service is an affiliate link and is therefore safe and will not cause you any harm.

Having said that, there are millions of products and services on the internet that relates to business, health, education, marketing and making money online.

I only promote what I have investigated and truly feel this would deliver real value to you. Examples include: Bluehost, A2hosting, Cloudways, instapage, leadpages, keap..etc.

Please take note that I have NOT taken or received any form of bribe, freebies or free services from companies in exchange just for mentioning their products on this site.

The only thing we consider are in a form of affiliate commissions.

Please if you have any questions regarding the above, just use the contact form here to inquire from us.

Thank you!