Advertising On Google Adwords: How to Get Better Results

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Advertising On Google AdWords

Testing adwords is as easy as writing a small ad on a postcard to put in your local newsagents window.

The sole difference here is, while the postcard will only be read by visitors visiting the newsagent, the ad you write and put online can be read by millions of people all over the world.

With the newsagent you use sticky tape to place the postcard on the window.

With adwords, you choose a word to describe what you are selling.

advertising on google adwordsIf it is the same word that someone who wants to buy from you is using in their search for the product, then they will find your ad.

Successful businesses use google adwords to bring customers to their websites.

Choose a story that is similar to your business and copy what they did. It’s easy!

Targeted Marketing on the Internet

“Targeting” can have a number of meanings, so let’s narrow it down.

The way we have used it so far could be more or less equal to demographic focusing based on age, gender, education, etc.

But targeting using google’s adwords is different, so let’s consider what actually occurs in google’s system.

Here’s a very quick summary of what happens in google’s system, and more generally in online paid placement marketing.

When someone enters a search phrase (keywords) in a search box, and the results appears with some text ads on the right side and perhaps the top.

There are three things which determines how ads appear:

  • The search keywords the user enters: Normally, the user has entered these keywords because she feels they represent her search intent. (User search skills can vary over a wide spectrum). Occasionally, the user may find interest in the ads as well as the organic search results.
  • The campaign settings selected by advertisers: Options include the bid cost-per-click (CPC); the keyword phrases advertisers select for their ad groups and campaigns; negative keywords; topic targeting; geographic targeting; time and day settings; and a range of other constraints and settings.
  • Google’s adwords technology: AdWords takes the two recent items and then does some magic to determine which ads will appear on the search engine results page and in what order. We use the word “magic” advisedly because not all of google’s technology and algorithms are transparent. In fact, some are very closely
    held secrets.

How Google Adwords Work

While setting up your brand, one of the most important things you need to focus on, is to ensure it reaches the right audience, and puts out the best results.

That’s where the best online advertising platform comes in.

Google Ads has grown on an exponential rate over the last few years and has become google’s main source of revenue.

It provides services that fall under the category of PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

It also gives an online advertising platform developed by google, with which advertisers can pay to display ads, service offerings, video content, and generate mobile application installs.

Some of the major advantages of google ads are:
  1. It increases visibility to high quality audience
  2. It improves brand awareness
  3. Retargeting website users
  4. Helps with SEO
  5. Provides increased knowledge to work with
  6. Helps measure your performance
  7. Provides great flexibility

Google has a number of different formats to offer as well.

  • Text Ads: These ads only have text. Usually, you can find them on Google’s SERP.
  • Responsive Display Ads: These ads adjust their size, appearance and format depending on the space available. They can be text or image ads.
  • Image Ads: These ads use static or interactive images. They can also be of gif and flash format.
  • Add promotion Ads: These ads are used to drive app downloads and engagement.
  • Video Ads: These ads can be run stand-alone or inserted into other streaming video content.
  • Product Shopping Ads: These ads shows product details like: title, price, store name and so on.
  • Showcase Shopping Ads: These ads have an image and a description that expand when clicked, providing information about other products and store information.
  • Call only Ads: These ads enable users to connect with your business directly using the phone number provided.
Google shows ads in two ways:
  • Search network
  • Display network

Search Network: These are a group of websites and apps where your ads can appear. Your ad shows on top or bottom of search results when someone searches with terms related to one of your keywords.

The search network involves Google search sites and partners.

Google search sites: These ads appear below or above the search results on Google Search. They can be shown in Google Play, Shopping, Maps and other Google applications

Google search partners: These are sites in the search network that have partnered up with Google to show ads. On search partner sites, your ads can be found on search result pages, other pages relates to a person’s search and so on.

Display Ads

These ads can be found on websites while you peruse the content you want, unlike the ads you can see after a search.

Advertising on Google Adwords: Best practices to help you get good results.

Here are some of the best practices to help you get good results for your advertising campaigns:
  • Use dynamic keyword insertion.
  • Add google’s conversion code to your website.
  • Ad groups shouldn’t exceed 50 keywords max.
  • Move high ROI keywords to their own campaigns with separate dedicated budgets.
  • Use google’s remarketing feature.
  • Take advantage of all the available extensions – geo, phone, sitelinks, etc.
  • Study your keyword query reports and bolster your negative keyword lists.
  • Avoid broad match as much as possible. Better to use exact and phrase match. Modified broad match (adding a + sign in front of keywords that MUST appear in the search query) is an option too, but use it sparingly.
  • Dayparting – optimize based on day of the week and time of day, but do NOT choose to go absolutely dark during certain hours. Rather reduce the % bid during your less desirable times.
  • Study your analytics reporting. PPC is both a feeder of other channels (such as retargeting) and benefactor of other higher funnel approaches.Thus assisted and multi-channel conversions are important to understand, as possible.
  • Separate geo campaigns – for example do not target the USA and Canada with the same campaigns.
  • Split search and content into separate campaigns.
  • If your budget is large then select accelerated delivery method so that adwords does not hold back on displaying your ads.
  • Have ad copy rotate evenly at first so that enough data is collected for all ads in the ad group to make a good decision off.
  • Focus ad groups around specific themes and keywords and have the ad copy units include those keywords.
  • Create well optimized landing pages that have a clear path for the user. This is often handled by someone other than the PPC person, so be sure to be a stakeholder in its development.
  • Use AdWords Editor – it is much easier to cluster edits/changes there than in the web API.

Finally, be sure to review everything for performance and make frequent changes to rotate out what is not performing and insert in new replacements.

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