10 Tools For SEO Audit: Do You Have Them?

Tools For SEO Audit: Here’s Why You Need It

Well, everything needs frequent health checkups, same thing goes for your website.

It is similar to changing your car oil. Regular oil changes ensure the extending life of your car.

Similarly, regular auditing ensures your website has good health.

Website auditing looks into your technical infrastructure while giving you proper suggestions.

Anything that puts your website at risk, it highlights on them. Plus gives you all the recommendations that ladder up to your website.

And finding & resolving all the issues, your website will get a clear path to rank up.

So performing regular technical site audit is very necessary.

tools for SEO audit SEO plays a major role in website ranking on search engines.

Auditing your website isn’t an easy task, it takes lots of time, this is why you need certain tools to find problems and solve them immediately.

When it comes to websites, there are few things you need to look at to get it perform at it’s best, and in the search engines.

Any good website audit should focus on the following:

  • Can people find your website/blog
  • How it performs when loading in a browser

To kickstart, we always begin with checking on google to see if our site is showing up or not.

Can people find your site:

Here, we always make sure the site is indexing in google. The surest quickest way to do this is to perform a manual search in google by just typing in the following “site:your-domain-name”.

This search string will return results of every page that is indexed in google search.

Next, we add the site to google search console.

This tool allows you to submit a sitemap of all your pages and request that google should crawl your site for indexing.

It also helps to come up with any issues that google has with your website/blog.

Here’s a Quick Tip:

If you’ve added a new page to your site then type ‘submit page google’ into a search bar. You paste the URL of your new page into the box provided and google will scrape this page the next time it’s bots are available.

How it performs when people load your site

1. Google Page Speed Insights

This tool is free, very powerful and can help identify issues with your site in just 60 seconds.

Click here and paste in the URL of your website/blog and hit Analyze.

You get back a high level review of your website and how it’s performing.

Even though this doesn’t give you detailed reports, it’s a great starting point.

Because, it provides you a list of things you can fix quickly to help boost your site’s performance.

2. Pingdom

This tool dives into the technical aspects of your website structure.

It gives you a list of issues that impacts website speed and how to fix them.

3. Screaming Frog (On-Page Technical)

The next thing to consider is the technical makeup of each of the pages on the site.

For this, I use Screaming Frog.

This is hands down the best tool out there, it checks your site’s structure.

Drop your URL into the search box and hit start. It goes and crawls every page on your website and comes back with a heap of valuable information
even if you only want to check all your Page titles and Metas are filled in correctly.

Meta tags are still essential in the SEO world.

It also checks for H1’s, H2’s on you pages and will also show your Canonical link setup.

It scans your pages and searches for broken links which are a no-no for google as they lead to bad user experience.

Other SEO auditing tools

4. MySiteAuditor

With this, you can generate free white-label SEO reports. It can be integrated into your website to generate more leads for you.

  • It is also directly compatible with Google’s algorithm.
  • MySiteAuditor audits your webpages, not your entire website.
  • It audits specific web pages for any targeted keyword. This tool gives you feedback on what you should fix like tag descriptions or social media buttons.

Get Unlimited 10 day trial – no credit card needed

5. Seomator

At first, Seomator might sound strange and might not look like much, but try out the free trial and your mind will change.

This tool crawls your entire website and provides a very comprehensive report detailing your on-page SEO, HTML tags, internal links, content quality, mobile usability, structured data, page speed, text statistics, site structure, off-page SEO, social media, backlinks, and organic presence.

Moreover, it allows you to export and download your report in a white-label PDF detailing the problems, severity, scores, and fixes.

Currently, the crawl limit is 1,000 pages per website, but the tool developers says they will be releasing a new version that’ll have higher limits.

Get your unlimited – 7 day trial now – no credit card needed

6. SE Ranking

This is an interesting tool. It tells you where the errors are and makes a list of tasks to fix them.

The SEO audit reports also comes with tip sections on how you can improve your website.

With a subscription account you may check up to 5000 pages per month and not just the front page but all pages of a website.

One interesting thing is that, you can re-start the website audit if the results are outdated.

You can monitor all the backlinks of your website, avoid filters that may be applied by the Search Engines and increase your link popularity with the backlinks section.

Without subscriptions, 1000 backlinks per month are analyzed free of charge.

Tip: Get your SE Ranking tool now (with 14-day free trial)

SE Ranking includes SMM, a module for managing social networks including analytics, auto-posting and other fantastic time-savings features.

With auto-posting you schedule links, images, tags and news to be published on selected social networks at specific times.

They also have a very easy-to-learn interactive demo to help you get started.

Free version: Yes (14 day trial – get yours now)

7. WooRank

With WooRank you can monitor relevant recommendations for your top web pages.

All results are available to export as presentation slides.

If you want to generate a large number of reports, you will need to purchase a subscription.

This tool is very helpful for small business owners.

The only downside of this tool is that, you have to enter your credit card information to be able to use the trial.

Free version: Yes (14 day trial – credit card needed)

8. Marketing Grader

Is a tool that grades your site based on performance, mobile readiness, SEO, and security.

Originally known as Website Grader, it was founded by HubSpot, Inc. and is very easy to use.

It only scans your entire website, but also your social media, blog, SEO and mobile website.

Marketing Grader gives back reports telling you where the problems are and what you should fix.

Marketing grader has unlimited – 30 day trial, try it now.

9. Seoptimer

Seoptimer reports critical errors and recommendations on how to improve your search ranking.

  • It also has a plug-in on chrome to make it easier to audit webpages.
  • Seoptimer audits your website based on performance, UI, mobile-friendliness, SEO, social and security.
  • You can also update data in real-time.
  •  The tool also gives suggestions on what to fix by using graphs and charts.
  • It also gives you feedback on your social media.

Free version: Yes (unlimited with a 14 day white label trial – no credit card needed)

10. SemRush

Semrush is another auditing and research tool widely used to track the organic keywords, competitor research, backlinks and PPC keywords of the competitors. We can use Semrush tool aggressively to track the competitor’s data and implement those in our SEO efforts in order to boost our rankings.

Try out the 7-day pro trial now 

In Conclusion

Most tool will be good at some things while other tools will be good at others.

For me, I like the SE Ranking tool because it lets you try it out using the demo without signing up for the free trial and gives you a detailed report about your website.

Tip: Get the demo version here and have access to the competitor research tool

You can try out these tools and compare which ones gives you the same errors on your website.

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